WEBINAR: Talent Shortages: How Will Scarcity of Resources Affect the Future of Talent Mobility 

Date: 21 June 2016 

Time: 2:00 pm ET 

Cost of Webinar: FREE 

*CE Credit (fees may apply): CRP; GMS 

Focus: Global 

Sponsored by: MOVE Guides  - www.moveguides.com 


72% of CEOs in PwC’s latest survey say they are worried about the availability of key skills.  The expected scarcity of resources is a growing economic concern. Rapid population growth in some countries is expected, while others will experience a decline, creating very different demographic trajectories. This is expected to create talent gaps between developed markets with an aging population and emerging markets with young populations. 

How are leading organizations dealing with talent shortages in key parts of the world (developed vs. emerging), in certain sectors, and within their organizations? What are the new skills that organizations and society need for the future?  And how are organizations ensuring that their talent today is mobile ready (from a tax, immigration, policy and technology perspective).  Join us for this webinar and find out!

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Brynne Herbert, CEO, MOVE Guides
Bhushan Sethi, PwC Financial Services People & Organization Practice Lead
Eileen Mullaney, PwC Global Mobility Consulting Leader