All You Need To Know About Expat Car Leasing, Financing, Rental, Insurance and car Selling in the U.S., U.K. and Canada 

Date: September 5, 2013 

Time: 2:00 pm (ET) 

Cost: FREE 

Focus: Global; U.S. Domestic 


Sponsored by: ExpatRide  - 


Would you like to expand your expat car financing/leasing and auto insurance resources to help transferees without a local credit history make more informed decisions before and after they arrive in the U.S., U.K. or Canada?

One of the major obstacles all foreign nationals meet when they move to the United States for example is the lack of a U.S. credit score. In the U.S., credit ratings range between 300 and 850 points, with around 650 being the usual minimum score for a loan of any kind to be approved.


This webinar will provide you with valuable information to better assist expats with their vehicle financing, auto insurance, rental and car selling (departure) needs in the U.S. without the need for a local credit score. It will present you and your expat transferees with solutions for: 

  • Expat auto financing for new and used vehicles, any make or model from any car dealership nationwide
  • Starting the process before or after arrival in the U.S., U.K. or Canada.
  • Complimentary Expat Personal Car Shopper Service
  • How to break a lease without penalties or termination fees
  • How to tailor a lease with full flexibility to fit any length of assignment
  • Expat auto insurance nationwide
  • How to start building a U.S. or Canadian credit score
  • How to get great discounts on short and long term car rentals
  • Departure car selling concierge service – How to easily sell an assignees non-leased cars.

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Jesper Lovendahl
CEO & Founder

Kristina Kihlberg
Sr. Vice President of Operations