About Worldwide ERC® 

Worldwide ERC® is the workforce mobility association for professionals who oversee, manage, or support U.S. domestic and international employee transfer. The organization was founded in 1964 to help members overcome the challenges of workforce mobility. Read about our history.

Our members come from many professions -- HR; recruiting, government; military; real estate; financial services; moving; counseling; consulting; and more!

Solid bylaws and statement of shared values ensure that Worldwide ERC® continues to grow and enhance our service to our customers. As the recognized authority on workforce mobility, Worldwide ERC® conducts unbiased research on a wide range of issues related to workforce mobility policy and programs. Visit our Newsroom for the latest Press Releases.

As a membership association, Worldwide ERC® provides a wealth of products and services that contribute to the success of our members. Joining our organization provides exclusive access to robust and constantly refreshed information, valuable networking and benchmarking opportunities and tools for career success in this constantly changing industry. Learn more.

Board of Directors, Committees and Task Forces

Worldwide ERC® enjoys tremendous support from active members who share their expertise, advise the Board of Directors and staff on emerging and ongoing issues of importance to the industry, bring new members into the community, and volunteer their time by serving on committees and task forces and writing for MOBILITY Magazine. Learn about some of these valuable active members in our Member Recognition pages.

Advertise With Us

In addition to growing your knowledge of the industry and providing terrific networking opportunities, Worldwide ERC® offers you an unparalleled business development opportunity. Our membership represents a focused group of those most involved in employee mobility. That means that your organization's name and message reach your best prospects when you advertise through us. Learn more.

Logo Usage and Guidelines

Worldwide ERC® members know that their membership signifies a commitment to ongoing education and professional development. Look for the Worldwide ERC® member logo on their stationery, advertisements, websites and other collateral. Learn how to include it on yours.

Regional Relocation Groups

Regional relocation groups, although not affiliated with Worldwide ERC®, have been formed around the United States and allow workforce mobility professionals to focus on local issues, create regional learning opportunities and foster local networking.

Contact Us

We can't hear from you too often! If you have comments about our website, need information you didn't find here, or just have questions, e-mail us at webmaster@WorldwideERC.org.