Effective Efforts Rely On Funding

All parties benefiting Worldwide ERC®’s program should have a financial commitment to these activities, particularly because the dynamic nature of the employee mobility industry necessitates continual efforts to educate new employees, employers, licensees, counselors, consumers, legislators, regulators, and a range of other stakeholders.

You can support Worldwide ERC®’s Government Affairs Program by:

Why Sign the Pledge?

Worldwide ERC® works diligently to promote best practices in real estate and relocation. One way we do this is by enlisting support of the principles outlined in our "Policy Statement on the Collection of Real Estate Referral Fees.

Join others in the industry who have demonstrated a commitment to abide by the principles outlined in our Policy Statement by downloading and signing the Pledge Form in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat required). Fax or mail it to us following the instructions on the form. You can also e-mail the Worldwide ERC® and ask us to send you one by postal mail or fax, or call Rob Boyd Worldwide ERC® at +1 703 842 3403.

Why Make a Financial Contribution?

Effective Education and Communication
Since its inception, Worldwide ERC® has worked with our constituents in numerous states to communicate the benefits of non-legislative solutions to industry challenges. Without our ability to work with and through these supporters at the local level, the collection of referral fees, as well as employee benefit programs, would have been legislated in a manner that could have had significant impact on relocation or affinity programs and budgets.

Effective education and communication efforts demand sufficient resources. Though membership dues cover part of our government affairs activities, we also must rely on membership contributions to accomplish our goals.

Business Risk Assessment
While our education and communication efforts have been very successful in providing common-sense alternatives to legislation, the likelihood of further legislative efforts remains strong. Rely on Worldwide ERC® to help you stay abreast of the issues, assess the risks certain legislative efforts/legal rulings may pose to your business, and develop educational and communication materials to promote win-win alternatives.
Examples of Worldwide ERC®’s Efforts
Worldwide ERC® has initiated various actions on our members’ behalf that have resulted in the development of resolutions and/or more favorable tax treatment. Visit our Government Affairs Impact page to read about our successes and solutions.

2010 Contributors
Worldwide ERC® thanks all of the organizations and individuals that provided financial support for our Government Affairs Program.

Help us continue our efforts by making an annual financial contribution today. 
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