Usage Guidelines 

Worldwide ERC® is providing this forum as a means for our members and others to exchange opinions, ideas, and experiences which they believe may be of value to other members and industry participants. They are not for use as a general or political discussion forum, nor for communications regarding the policies or management of Worldwide ERC® or its members. There are other forums, not run by Worldwide ERC® in which opinions on issues outside of our scope may be aired.

However, even for items within the proper scope, there are requirements, both legal and ethical which must be adhered to by each person posting on a Worldwide ERC® forum. Simply stated, they are: don’t break the law, and post ethically at all times. Violation of these requirements will result in appropriate action which may include removal of offending material, banning from the use of the forum, or, in extreme cases, presentation to the Worldwide ERC® ethics committee.

Also, forums are intended to be open and public, so anonymous or concealed identity posts are not permitted. There is no expectation of privacy of the posts or of the author.

This site is provided by Worldwide ERC® which reserves the right to alter or remove it at any time, and to organize, delete, or move posts in it sole discretion, with or without notice. All materials posted on a forum become licensed to Worldwide ERC® for a non exclusive, perpetual license for the purpose of displaying them on the forum.

Some of the common prohibited posts and comments include:

  1. Copyright violation. Do not post anything for which you do not have permission, if the material is copyrighted by another. The provisions of the copyright laws, including fair use, allow certain usages for analysis or comment, but before posting someone others’ work be sure you have the right to do so. If you find material that you own improperly used, please immediately notify WERC via the copyright violation link on our website.
  2. Do not discuss pricing, costs, quality of competitors’ service, boycotts, or any other economic or similar issues which are, or could be, in violation of the federal and state antitrust laws. If in doubt, don’t post any such item.
  3. Do not disparage others, either individual members or companies, whether in our industry or others. This is not a name-calling forum. If you feel you must say something bad about someone, use another site.
  4. Do not discuss politics. This is a business forum, not a political one. There are hundreds of political forums on the web. Use one of them.
  5. Advertising. Do not attempt to use a forum as a means of advertisement. Worldwide ERC® has many advertising products for you to utilize, both print and web based. Do not use forums for this purpose.

As long as these requirements are followed, please use the forums freely for the benefit of others in the industry.