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Four or Six Pieces?

There’s the story about the customer who wants to order a small pizza, and asks how many pieces are in it. “Either four or six – I’m not sure,” says the newly hired waiter. “I hope it’s only four, because I don’t think I can eat six pieces,” says the customer. The clever waiter, of course, cuts the pizza into four slices, because that’s what the customer wanted.

The voice of the customer:  it comes through social media, e-mails and phone lines; through surveys and conversations; through group movements and individual actions; and sometimes it even arrives with a look or a gesture. Known in business as “VOC,” it’s a term used to describe the process of determining a consumer’s (or in our case, a member’s) preferences, concerns and perspectives.

One of the first things I’ve set out to do since joining the Worldwide ERC® staff is to embark on a listening tour, so that I can really hear the VOC in our industry. Beginning with my first week on the job, I tried to engage as many people as I could - and I’ll continue to do so through my work and travels over the next several months (and beyond, of course, because we never stop keeping an ear to the ground where our members are concerned!). Feel free to add your comments below…and in late June, as we conduct our first Annual Member Survey, please share your thoughts with us.

The information I’m gathering includes finding out what products and services are most important to our members, how to best deliver information and programs, learning what our members and stakeholders see and feel when interacting with the association, and discovering ways that we can interest, educate and delight you – we want you to be jazzed up about your membership! 

I hope that through my wordsmithing blog, I can reach even more members, so if you’re reading this, your feedback is critical. When it comes right down to it, we all want to feel heard, we want a great value proposition, and we want our expectations to be satisfied.

We just want to have the right amount of slices in our pizzas.


Congrats on your new blog...

I was at the ERC conference in Orlando where you announced your blog as the method of communicating with the ERC membership.  Congrats....
I liked the analogy of the pizza.  To come to think of it, if everyone just stopped to listen what is really required by their clients, a lot of the issues we face today would be non-existent.  I will keep reading and contributing where appropriate, this is a great platform.  Again, congrats.
Natacha Sittner at 6/1/2010 7:36 AM

Great way to start

Peggy, I believe this is great way to get messages out to the membership and to get their feedback. I look forward to your entries and providing comments where I can. Thanks for making this happen.
Steve Burson at 6/7/2010 6:43 AM

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