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D'Artagnan’s Legacy
The swashbuckling story of Les Trois Mousquetaires (The Three Musketeers), made famous in an 1844 novel by Alexandre Dumas, has been celebrated in more than two dozen films and at least three musical productions.  It is the tale of the young d'Artagnan, who leaves home to become a guard of the infantry. He meets three other infantrymen (the  musketeers of the title) and they become inseparable friends – so devoted, in fact, that d’Artagnan’s famous cry of "All for one, and one for all!" has been repeated throughout history to convey unity, loyalty, and strength in numbers.

I find myself using that motto frequently these days, because it speaks volumes about the way our companies can best rally all of our internal resources for our customers. By blending our combined talents with a keen, concerted focus on a successful outcome, we raise the bar on what we can accomplish in unison. 

And when it comes to our professional association, the same motto works to express our intent to lift our collective voices to tell our story, build a broad and expert community, develop resources that serve common needs, manage and lead more effectively, collaborate and exchange solutions, impact public policy and have a greater effect as world citizens.  Under the Worldwide ERC® banner, we have amazingly and productively brought more than 10,000 professionals together from 65 countries. Our members wear many hats in their diverse jobs – they are counselors, confidants, financial managers, compliance overseers, logistical technicians, human capital experts, and global pioneers. And when they step into their member role, they wear yet another hat (feel free to imagine yours with a sweeping red feather like d’Artagnon’s, if you’re so inclined!).  Worldwide ERC® members are the stewards of our industry, and though there occasionally are some spirited exchanges over issues, there stands an established commitment to bring more clarity, knowledge and quality to the work that we do.

I want to bring more quality to your membership, too. This week, I sent you our first Worldwide ERC® Annual Member Survey. I hope you’re able to give us your perspective by Wednesday, June 30, because the more members who provide feedback, the better we will be able to understand how to add value to your individual WERC membership, and to all of our members together.  That’s our all for one, and one for all promise to you. 


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