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The Global Workforce Service Directory is the industry's online source of information for service provider members (real estate brokers, relocation appraisers; specialized relocation service and relocation management companies) who are prepared to give particular attention to effectively serving corporations and their transferred employees.

The Worldwide ERC® online Global Workforce Services Directory is intended to make it easy for you to find and partner with Worldwide ERC® members. Some restrictions apply. Please see our license agreement for details.


Please be aware that some of our Directory listers and members have received fraudulent outreach from an individual named “Linda Anderson” claiming to be representing a “Worldwide ERC Service provider Directory,” and offering a list of customers or clients with contact information. Worldwide ERC® does not contract with or outsource its Directory production, and any communications you receive about the Directory will come directly from our organization.

Please also be aware of the following:

  • All Worldwide ERC® communications are issued from an organizational address that includes “”
  • Our communications include our graphic logo, which looks like this:
  • Our Directory offers company or individual listings. We do not deliver client or customer lists.
  • Payment for Directory listings are remitted to Worldwide ERC®, and not to any other party or organization.

If you have any concerns about the authenticity of material, promotions, or information you are receiving with regard to a Worldwide ERC® Directory listing, please contact our Customer Care team at +1 703-842-3400 or


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NOTE:  Inclusion in this Directory does not signify Worldwide ERC® endorsement. However, the Council believes that the relocation industry will find the Directory a useful and reliable resource by the fact that it singles out those who especially seek to provide service to corporations and their transferred employees and are, therefore, more likely to perform satisfactorily.