CRP® Exam Study Groups 

If you are planning to take the CRP® exam in 2018 Worldwide ERC® highly recommends the purchase of a full set of source materials to help you prepare for the test. The materials are used by the Certification Review Board when creating test items.

Although Worldwide ERC® does not require, offer, or endorse study groups or classes, we are aware that candidates may feel more comfortable with having this option.  Therefore we do provide information regarding various study groups around the country, as the information is made available to us, should candidates feel the need to utilize one. 

IMPORTANT:  Any registration, fee, and/or material required for these courses is completely separate from Worldwide ERC® offerings.  Registering or attending any of these courses does not register you for the CRP® exam.  Click here for exam registration information.

Currently available offerings for the 2018 exam.  Course offerings will be added throughout the exam season: 

Dan Bloom & Associates Inc.
2018 Boot Camp - 9-11 May 2018
Registration fees (separate from Worldwide ERC®) - $175-$625
Online.  For more information or to register click here.