Why I Earned My CRP 

Signing up for the CRP exam in 2015 was a big decision for me. Many CRP’s told me the material was comprehensive, the required study time was considerable, and the test was demanding. I thought and thought about it. I would talk myself into it and then just as easily, talk myself out of it. I’m a full-time working wife, mom and community volunteer. My weekdays are full and my weekends are even fuller. Who had time for “going back to school”?

Yet I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I knew it would benefit me professionally and be extremely rewarding from a personal standpoint. At 50 years old, I consider myself a “life-long learner”, so I decided to put my money where my mouth is and register for the May 2015 exam.

Once I received my study materials, I found myself opening a workbook while eating lunch at my desk, doing an online tutorial while watching ESPN with my husband, or spending dedicated study time with two co-workers who took the test with me. Those “study buddy” relationships helped hold me accountable and made the difference in my confidence level of the material I studied.

May 2015 finally came and I’ll be honest, the test was everything my CRP friends said it would be. But oh, so worth it. I’ll never forget the anticipation of receiving the Testing Center email that scores were posted and opening the web site to read my results. I passed! Since then, I look forward to continuing education opportunities offered by Worldwide ERC and its members.

My advice to those contemplating the 2017 exam? Think it through, count the cost, and put everything you have into a decision that will benefit you for the rest of your career.

Kay Lynn Clay, CRP
Senior Manager, Corporate Relocation

I began in real estate when my youngest of three children was three. My  Broker at the time asked me to do some relocation which I did as an agent.  

The story, as it goes. I worked and did real estate and got Brokers License. After my divorce I moved back to CA from WA and got my CA license. This was around 1991. The market was changing and I needed to support three children. My Broker from WA got me a relocation job with Century 21 which was still a good company. I worked for a number of years with them until they were bought out. I learned about the CRP at that time.

I eventually worked for Toyota onsite through Prudential. I was then given the opportunity to take my CRP exam which I thought and know it a great designation.

I remember taking the test in San Francisco from LA. I studied very hard. I wish I had had a group to study with. (The hotel was very cold-take a coat.)

I was so thrilled to get the results.

I believe that designation has brought me more opportunities than anything.

My latest opportunity is the Relocation Director for 18 offices in Southern California for Re/Max. The test is hard, but worth it.

Donna Westgate MBA, CRP
Relocation Director
RE/MAX Estate Properties

Dear 2017 CRP Candidates:

You are about to embark upon a mission like no other………Your CRP Exam.  Well, maybe that is a bit melodramatic.  It is a huge undertaking, make no mistake about it.   I remember my journey that began in January 1998 when weekly “study sessions” began, with the support of my employer at the time, Ryder System Inc.  Relatively new to the “relocation arena”, my area of expertise was primarily household goods.  How was I ever going to grasp Family Issues, Tax and Legal, Appraisal, Corporate Policy and Issues and Residential Real estate?  OMG! My approach was just like college – Study, Study, Study.  (assume I am truthful in telling you I studied diligently in college!!! )  Depending upon where each of you are in your relocation career, whether beginning, midstream or otherwise, my belief is that the CRP designation holds credibility as to who you are,  an individual who is serious about their craft and is willing to gain a full understanding of all the facet’s the relocation industry encompasses.  It means you are an industry professional….…A Certified Relocation Professional.

This is my 18th year holding my CRP designation and I proudly wear my lapel pin at every industry event and client meeting.   Upon renewal of my CRP, I am reminded of the time and energy I put forth earning it.  It’s mine, all mine and no one can take that away!   I think back on how much knowledge I have gained over the years and yes, it does get easier the longer you are actively involved in our industry.

The toughest part right now is the studying.   While May is a long time away, time can get away from you FAST!  I would encourage each of you to carve out a few hours a week, or every other week, and attack your study material once it arrives.  Study groups are a great resource that I found to work very well for me.  Reach out to your local Regional Groups and inquire if study groups are being organized.   Remember too, study groups are not necessarily in person, but can be via conference call.  That means while you are physically located in Des Moines, you just might be able to join the study group in Cleveland.   If you wish to talk in more detail about your CRP Exam, feel free to call or email me.

Good Luck to each of you!  You won’t regret your investment!

CRP Class of 1998

Kevin R. Pool, CRP
Vice President Corporate Sales
Armstrong Relocation and Companies
Agent for United Van Lines, Inc.

One of the biggest moments in my professional career at Stewart Title Relocation Services was the day I met Worldwide ERC’s requirements to take the Certified Relocation Professional test. I had been in the industry for just over two years and was ready and willing to embark on the next step in my career with Stewart Title and in the relocation industry. I took my CRP test in 2005 at a time we received textbooks and little else. Today, there are many more advanced resources available, which leverage the latest technology to make preparation for the test a less daunting task. Colleagues who had previously taken the test informed me that the test covered the entire relocation industry, including corporate policies, trends and home inspection/appraisal reports.

Needless to say, I was initially nervous to take on this challenge. However, I knew that earning this designation would help me provide better advice to my clients. Each relocation assignment results in specific items to address for the transferee, corporate client and relocation management company, ranging from spousal assistance to childcare. Understanding these challenges that my clients face would help me relate better to them and allow more in-depth insight into their issues. I studied every day for nearly three months to ensure I knew the textbooks and CDs inside and out. I was as ready as I was ever going to be!

I remember vividly the day of the test. I opened the test book and took a huge sigh of relief. I knew the questions and the answers. I waited slightly impatiently for the test results to be released, and as soon as I saw that I passed, I almost fainted. All the studying had paid off! I received my CRP designation and in turn was able to advance my career. Stewart Title places a high value on the knowledge and credibility you gain from a CRP designation and almost immediately promoted me. Achieving this designation enabled me to better understand and relate to my customers’ needs and even offer suggestions for improvement and changes. I’m thrilled with my decision to pursue this opportunity for professional growth since it helped me advance within Stewart Title and within our industry.


Faye Hoxworth, CRP
Team Manager
Stewart Title Relocation Services
Stewart Title Guaranty Company