Working Successfully in the Multicultural Environment of Latin America 

(Two CE credits )

This course will explore the cultural differences, both subtle and profound, that influence daily life and work within the major Latin American cultures, provide answers to why such differences exist, and help you to develop important tactics and strategies for managing these cultural differences both at work and in daily life – whether you are an HR professional or service provider responsible for Latin American assignees, or a professional working on or with a multi-cultural Latin American team.

  1. Learning Objectives:
    Develop a clear understanding of how the major cultures and countries of Latin America differ from each other culturally, and differ from your own first culture;
  2. Explain the “background” reasons for these differences, based on history, geography, politics, demographics, religion and economics;
  3. Identify those areas, in both daily life and work, where these cultural differences can have a profound effect for Latin American assignees, their organizations, and the organizations that provide them with global mobility services; and
  4. Create new tactics and strategies specific to your global responsibilities within the region, that will help you manage these cultural differences more effectively.

Approximate course duration: Two hours 

Re-certification credit: GMS™, CRP® 

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