Module 3 – The Intercultural Challenge: Supporting Successful International Assignments 

By completing Module 3, you will:

  • Learn the basics of intercultural education theory
  • Apply intercultural theory to relocation processes and real-time global business practices

 Content includes:

  • Assignee selection and assessment techniques, tools, and their applications
  • Opportunities for attracting and serving culturally diverse market segments
  • The explicit and implicit costs of international assignments borne by the organization as well as the expatriates and their families
  • The stages and phases of the adaptation process and the variety of coping styles employed by expatriates and their families
  • The key characteristics that contribute to an employee’s success on international assignment.
  • Methods to measure assignment success
  • The practices around intercultural education and training for assignees and their families
  • Essential components of a repatriation program that will help your organization realize maximum return on the significant investment made in workforce mobility
  • Real-time global business case studies
  • Learn the dimensions of cultural differences based on research and theoretical models
  • Identify key components of intercultural education and learn to tailor intercultural training to fit within budget constraints
  • Access resources for culture-specific information and education
  • Identify successful strategies for nurturing effective global teams

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