How to Retain your (S)GMS® 

In order to retain the (S)GMS®, all designees are required to update and expand on their understanding of trends, best practices and standards in global workforce mobility every three years. The renewal process allows GMS® designees to build on key competencies required in the original GMS® course. 

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Renewing your GMS® is easy!  It essentially takes two steps:

  1. Complete 15 Continuing Education (CE) credits specific to international management/global workforce mobility within your three-year recertification period and not later than your expiration date.
  2. Remit the Recertification Renewal Application* and fee prior to the end of your three-year recertification period in order to renew for a new three-year cycle.

*You may submit the Renewal Application as early as four months prior to your expiration date.  For example, if your GMS® expiration date is 31 July 2017, you may submit your Renewal Application as early as 1 April 2017.  Please do not submit your Application earlier than that date or it will be returned to you.

CE credits may be earned via the following options:

  • Worldwide ERC®’s online global courses; global conferences; master series; global audio sessions and/or global webinars.
  • External organizations’ global conferences; global webinars and other global programs that satisfy the approval criteria.

Worldwide ERC® Programs
If using Worldwide ERC® resources to renew your GMS® designation, there are three options available to you:

Worldwide ERC®’s Americas Mobility Conference (May)
Worldwide ERC®’s Global Workforce Symposium (October)

--- Each of the above conferences are approved for 15 GMS® CE credits ---

Worldwide ERC®’s Hong Kong Summit (January)
Worldwide ERC®’s London Summit (February)
Worldwide ERC®’s Shanghai Summit (March)
Worldwide ERC®’s Singapore Summit (March)

--- Each of the above summits are approved for 8 GMS® CE credits ---

3. GMS-T: Strategic Talent
If you attended the Strategic Talent Mobility course live, you were awarded seven (7) CE credits.
If you took the Strategic Talent Mobility course online, you are awarded five (5) CE credits.

Earn your GMS-T and continuing education credits in one class!

Attending any Worldwide ERC® Master Series meeting awards three (3) GMS CE credits.  These meetings are on hot topics held at various locations around the world.  Please view our Events page for more information and to register for a Master Series event near you!

Please see Worldwide ERC’s Catalogue credits column for information on which course count towards GMS® CE credit and how many credits they are worth.

*Please note that each online course may be used one time only toward earning CE credits.  In other words, you cannot earn CE credits toward your GMS® recertification for any of the online courses that you have already received CE credit for.

**Please note that any courses noted with "SGMS" in the course description also apply toward earning the SGMS® designation.

Credits may also be earned by participating in and/or listening to a Worldwide ERC® webinar as long as the webinar’s content contains global/international information. 

Register for live Learning Zone Webinars 
View archived Learning Zone Webinars

Both are eligible for one (1) GMS® credit as long as they contain global content and have GMS listed in the CE column.

Meetings from External Organizations
It is important to note that all programming not offered by Worldwide ERC® must meet Worldwide ERC®’s criteria to be eligible for CE credit.  To assist you in determining what can be applied toward GMS® CE credit, we created a Criteria Guide that outlines the kinds of programs and content that is accepted for CE credit.  This Guide also details how you can keep track of your CE credits during your three-year period.  We encourage you to print out the Criteria Guide and keep it as a reference.