SGMS® Designation 

The Senior Global Mobility Specialist (SGMS)® designation is awarded to those individuals who have met the following three (3) prerequisites:

  1. Earned the GMS® designation by participating in all three modules and passing a comprehensive online exam.
  2. Completed a minimum of ten (10) CE credits of online course programming from Worldwide ERC®’s Learning Academy. Courses include:
    Exploring Data Analytics for Mobility
    Cost of Living Allowances and Housing
    International Business Ethics
    International Household Goods Shipping and Security
    Leading Global Teams
    The Elephant Awakens: Emerging India
    Working Successfully within the Multicultural Environment of Latin America
    Working Successfully within the Multicultural Environment of Modern Europe
  3. Earned a minimum of ten (10) service points by making significant professional contributions of time and expertise to the mobility industry via Worldwide ERC®. 

The SGMS® is awarded annually in January.  To find out how close you might be to earning the SGMS® designation, send an email to with subject line “I want to earn the SGMS” and we will get back to you on what you need to accomplish personally in order to be one of the next SGMS® designees!