Strategic Talent Mobility℠ 

All over the world, employers are competing for talent with the skills to fulfill their organization’s strategic objectives.  With such constant and rigorous competition, there’s a sharp focus on designing the right talent management programs so that employers can recruit, develop, and retain the skilled individuals they need for success.  Increasingly, employers are recognizing that mobility is a critical strategic component of a well-managed talent management program.

By completing this course, students will:

  • Understand talent mobility in the wider context of talent management.
  • Learn to identify and respond to the key drivers of talent mobility.
  • Comprehend when and how the organization’s business and talent strategies can be accomplished through talent mobility.
  • Assess an organization’s talent needs, including parameters for success metrics.
  • Formulate a talent mobility strategy that is built on the talent needs assessment.
  • Build a compelling business case demonstrating how talent mobility can support an organization’s business strategy.

Real-life case studies illustrate how leading companies have achieved success by integrating their talent mobility practices into their talent management planning.

Bonus!  If you already have your GMS® designation, showcase your knowledge of talent mobility, and be referred to as a GMS-T by completing this course!*

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*Note: In order to earn your GMS-TSM, you must take all 3 modules of the GMS® program in addition to completing the “Strategic Talent MobilitySM” course.

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