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MOBILITY magazine articles that may be of special interest to New Professionals:

Worldwide ERC® Celebrates 20 Years of the CRP® 
February 2010 - By Allison Peña 
Worldwide ERC® is celebrating 20 years of Certified Relocation Professionals™, and Peña offers a look back at this historical mobility industry certification.

What Veterans Advise New Professionals 
February 2010 - By Stefanie R. Schreck, CRP, GMS 
There is a wealth of resources available to those new to the mobility industry. In addition to magazine articles, conference presentations, the Worldwide ERC® mentor program, and the like, there also is the cumulative experience of veterans in the industry. Schreck asks them for guidance relevant to new mobility professionals.

Business Development: Predicting the Future of Selling for Mobility Professionals 
December 2009 - By Daniel J. Cahill and Donna M. Socha, GMS 
The global economy is anticipated to undergo a long, deliberate recovery during the next few years. Cahill and Socha write that now is the time to identify business development strategies for the days ahead, and predict seven key trends that will affect the future of selling for employee mobility professionals.

What to Know Before You Go—Basics of Travel Health Insurance 
November 2009 - By Frank Gillingham, M.D. 
It often is said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Dr. Gillingham offers an overview of travel health insurance, as well as a discussion of some of the factors that should be taken into account when choosing coverage.

U.S. Domestic Mobility Trends: Results from Recent Worldwide ERC® Surveys 
October 2009 - By Mariam Lamech and Rob Boyd 
Worldwide ERC® is engaged actively in the study and benchmarking of employee mobility data, and Lamech and Boyd offer analysis of two recent surveys that shed light on relocation activity within the United States.

VAT 101—an Introduction to the Value Added Tax Affecting Relocation Services 
October 2009 - By Johannes Laxafoss, Joseph Morabito, SCRP, and Peggy Smith, SCRP, GMS
Invented by the French, value added tax, or VAT, has been harmonized within the European Union, and is now among the most complex tax disciplines in the world. Laxafoss, Morabito, and Smith attempt to unravel these complexities and discuss its effect on worldwide global workforce mobility. 

Establishing a Global Mindset: International Education
October 2009 - By Sean Dubberke 
The following ideas and academic institutions demonstrate the extraordinary educational experiences that are attainable today. As practical experiences, says Dubberke, they best describe the modern, globally-minded professional. In any industry, it is essential to know that an international education is more valuable than ever before.

Conducting a Successful Job Search in a Down Economy—What Makes a Difference? 
October 2009 - By Mary Beth Nitz, CRP, GMS, and Jean Strickland, CPC, CRB, CRP 
In terms of understanding the dos and don’ts of navigating the job search process, the landscape has changed drastically. According to Nitz and Strickland, having a keenly crafted job search plan and putting it in action is what makes all the difference when it comes to quickly finding a new job.

What Our Industry Companies Are Doing to Engage You 
July 2009 - By Scott Craighead, SCRP, GMS 
Following up on career-oriented articles published in MOBILITY in December and February, Craighead takes a close up look at the current employee mobility-centric job market and the role employee engagement plays in the job search.

Adapting Policy in an Economic Downturn: Cost-saving Strategies Taken from the Results of the Worldwide ERC® 2009 ‘Relocation Assistance: Transferred Employees Survey’ 
May 2009 - By Sarah Albus 
With an eye toward cutting costs and streamlining operations in an effort to support a mobile workforce amid a global economic downturn, Worldwide ERC® members are adapting corporate policy to remain competitive for the forseeable future. Albus details the findings from the 2009 Worldwide ERC® "Relocation Assistance: Transferred Employees Survey’" in an effort to aid organizations in benchmarking their programs and to identify areas for cost-savings opportunities.

The Ultimate Guide to the New Worldwide ERC® Website
May 2009 - By Heidi Hume 
The new Worldwide ERC® website is more than just a pretty face. A team of experts was brought in to ensure that the site redesign would meet the strategic objectives of the organization and ensure that it meets members’ needs now and for the forseeable future. Hume offers the ultimate guide to using the new website to its fullest potential.

Industry Talent: What Does the Future Hold? 
April 2009 - By Craig Selders, SCRP, GMS, and Kathy Trachta, SCRP, GMS 
What is the state of current and future employment within different sectors of the relocation industry? Selders and Trachta spoke with various industry leaders in real estate, appraising, household goods (HHG), real estate settlement services, relocation management, and mortgage services to obtain their perspectives.

The Basics of Agent Training—Relocation 101 
February 2009 - By Joan Hapootlian Thomas, SCRP and Kathy Connelly, SCRP

In these times it is important to get back to the basics and rigorously re-state the tried and true practices of successful real estate marketing, closely monitor the process, and re-develop the skills and strategies required to rekindle the habits of excellence. Employing all the current technological resources will create efficiencies and achieve maximize exposure of properties in today’s real estate market. Thomas and Connelly explain how to develop a strong, confident, team of relocation-certified sales professionals who can deliver key market information and persuasive messages to transferees.

The Basics of Moving Expense Taxation 

February 2009 - By Peter K. Scott 
Scott acquaints readers with the fundamentals of the tax law applying to today’s moving expenses with information on gross-up formulas, tax deductions, the definition of reasonable moving expenses and non-reimbursable moving expenses, and the time and distance requirements of the move. Also he provides the most recent information on the tax treatment of home purchase programs, focusing on assigned sale, amended value, and buyer value option (BVO) programs. professionals.

Six Relocation Questions You Might Have Been Afraid to Ask (But Shouldn’t Be) 
January 2009 - By Jennifer Connell, CRP, GMS and Tim McCarney, GMS 
In the face of market volatility, one of the best defenses often can be talking with your professional peers to learn how they are handling the same issues you are struggling with every day. Connell and McCarney examine six relocation questions posed to a variety of industry leaders. 

The Importance of the BMA Form
May 2008 – By Toula Victor, GMS
Although the broker's market analysis (BMA) form seems complex at first glance, Victor says that understanding its importance and developing a completion strategy can make the form much more manageable.

I Owe What?' Understanding Negative Equity/Negative Proceeds
May 2008 – By Laura J. Henneberry, CRP, GMS
Before you crack open the champagne to celebrate offloading that home that seemed bound for inventory, you better check whether the transferee is in a negative position—that is, bereft of equity and requiring cash to get out from under his or her obligations. Henneberry explains the mathematics behind this situation and why it is increasing in frequency.

Just What Is This Forecasting Business Anyway?
April 2008 – Jay Delich, SRA, IFA, SCRP
Relocation appraisers sure do love to toss around the term “forecasting,” but those outside that segment tend not to have a clear idea what the process is about or what it involves. Delich explains the history of determining Anticipated Sales Price, as well as what forecasting is.

So You Want to Be on Our Appraiser List?
April 2008 - Paulette Moylan, CRP, GMS
Think you have what it takes to be a relocation appraiser? Moylan explains the qualifications required for an appraiser to measure up to the task and rolls out a lengthy list of expectations.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Mortgages (But Were Afraid to Ask)
January 2008 - Lynne MacRae, CRP, GMS
Picking the right mortgage from the wide array of products available may seem like an overwhelming ordeal for both first-time and the veteran homebuyers. MacRae enlightens potential borrowers to the history of mortgages, poignant questions to consider, and the workings of common modern mortgage products.

Ready for Takeoff: Tips for New Professionals
February 2008 - By: Toula Victor, GMS
Getting off the ground when entering a new industry can be a turbulent experience; however, many resources are available to educate those launching into the skies of corporate relocation. Victor dissects the services Worldwide ERC® offers for new professionals and the strategies involved in entering the relocation industry.

Successful Networking in the Relocation Industry
November 2007 - Michele Bar-Pereg
Networking can be defined as the building or maintaining of informal relationships, especially with people whose friendship could bring advantages such as business opportunities. Bar-Pereg outlines effective networking strategies honed during her years in relocation.

Walking a Mile in Another's Shoes
July 2007 - By Jocelyn Rockstrom, CRP, GMS, and Christine Short
Wing-tips, sneakers, platforms, pumps—your taste in footwear can say a lot about your general perspective. Rockstrom and Short suggest that corporate clients and suppliers should try on each other's shoes to experience and expand their viewpoints.

Tending the Garden— Understanding the Emotional Impact of Corporate Relocation
April 2007 - Eileen L. Lawlor, BSc
With all the talk of controlling costs and writing effective requests for proposals, sometimes the highly emotional effects of a relocation on a transferee are overlooked. Through comparing the relocations with the five stages of grief, examining the mindsets of global nomad children, and analyzing the myth of separation between work and family life, Lawlor assembles a collage that reflects the emotional turmoil brought on by relocation.

Relocation 101: Improving Your Basic Knowledge About the Relocation Industry
January 2007 - David B. Barlow SCRP, GMS
Hit the books because the new semester in relocation starts now. According to Barlow, industry veterans have the opportunity and responsibility to show their neophyte colleagues the fundamentals—by answering frequently asked questions, he lays out the basics on the blackboard.

The Basics of Moving Expense Taxation
February 2006 - Peter K. Scott
Scott acquaints readers with the fundamentals of the tax law applying to today's moving expenses with information on gross-up formulas, tax deductions, the definition of reasonable moving expenses and non-reimbursable moving expenses, and the time and distance requirements of the move...

Fables, Foibles, and Fairy Tales—Debunking the Myths of Relocation
October 2005 - Robert L. Giese CRP, David S. Oltman CRP, Quentin Matthew Hormel CRP
Through a discussion of some of the more prevalent myths in relocation, Giese, Oltman, and Hormel offer information to help stem the costs these fabrications can have on a relocation program.

Sarbanes-Oxley—It Is Not Just About Equity Loans
February 2005 - Anne May, Pam Menjivar
As explained in the sidebar accompanying this article, there are instances when corporate relocation professionals will be asked to look beyond the interest-free loans aspect of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and help implement other components of SOX as they relate to their areas of responsibility...

Household Goods Moving 101
November 2003 - Michael Boone
The key to any successful moving and storage program is choosing the proper service provider. In today's shrinking economy, with more movers than moves, Boone says that this is an ideal time to review programs, policies, and suppliers.

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