Global Mobility Training 

November 5-6, 2014 
White Plains, New York 


Global Mobility Specialist 
5 November 2014
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Worldwide ERC®’s Global Mobility Specialist Training will provide you a solid understanding of the principles behind companies’ mobility programs that will help you supporting talent mobility within your own organization and for clients.

The three modules address: 

  • policy development and implementation;
  • cost-saving and purpose-driven alternatives to traditional expatriate assignments; and
  • critical concepts needed to support expatriates operating in multi-cultural environments and in virtual teams.

Learn more about each module:

Once you complete all three educational modules and pass an online exam designed to reinforce the learning accomplished through the training, you will be recognized with your Global Mobility Specialist (GMS®) designation—recognized around the world as a mark of excellence.

Instructor: Dean Foster, DFA Intercultural Global Solutions LLC


Crowne Plaza White Plains


Member: $1245
Non-Member: $1345

Ala Carte (Per Module)
Member: $500
Non-member: $550

Pre-requisites: None

Strategic Talent Mobility: GMS-T
6 November 2014
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Worldwide ERC®’s Strategic Talent Mobility course will help you thrive in today’s challenging marketplace which is demanding that mobility professionals understand the macroeconommic factors that are affecting organizations as they compete for key talent in a dynamic and demanding global marketplace.

This competition has given rise to a sharp focus on Talent Management programs designed to ensure that employers are able to recruit, develop, and retain the talent needed for success.  Mobility is a critical strategic component of a well-managed talent management program.

By completing this course, students will:

  • Understand talent mobility in the wider context of talent management.
  • Learn to identify and respond to the key drivers of talent mobility.
  • Comprehend when and how the organization’s business and talent strategies can be accomplished through talent mobility.
  • Assess an organization’s talent needs, including parameters for success metrics.
  • Formulate a talent mobility strategy that is built on the talent needs assessment.
  • Build a compelling business case demonstrating how talent mobility can support an organization’s business strategy.

The course uses real-life case studies to illustrate how leading companies have achieved success by integrating their Talent Mobility practices into their Talent Management planning.

Instructors: Christine Landoll, GMS-T, Deloitte

Crowne Plaza White Plains



USD $500


USD $550

Bonus!  If you already hold the GMS® designation, be one of the first to showcase your knowledge of Talent Mobility along with it and be referred to as a GMS-T by completing this course and online exam!

Click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Strategic Talent Mobility: GMS-T course.