Mobility and Immigration in the Trump Administration Podcast 

Date: 16 November 2016 


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Focus: Global; U.S. Domestic 

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The incoming U.S. administration will bring sweeping change and a focus on tax reform and immigration.  

This podcast, Mobility and Immigration in the Trump Administration, was developed in partnership with Fragomen to address immigration issues of concern to Worldwide ERC® members.

A sample of the questions covered include:
  • What did the President-elect say in his 100-day plan that might bear on business immigration policy?
  • What changes could the new administration bring in business immigration just through regulations, without Congressional action?
  • NAFTA renegotiation or withdrawal is on the 100-day plan.  What are the possible immigration consequences?
  • So much of the President-elect's discussion of immigration in the campaign focused on illegal immigration and enforcement. Could any of the likely changes there affect businesses?
  • Is there anything our industry can do to educate the new administration on the impact of shifting immigration controls?

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Tristan North, Worldwide ERC® Government Relations Adviser. During his career, Tristan has overseen all aspects of the legislative and regulatory activities of associations before Congress and Federal agencies.

Fragomen Partner Bo Cooper, who leads the firm's Government Strategies and Compliance Group.  Bo provides strategic immigration advice to a range of corporations, hospitals and research institutions, universities, trade associations, international media outlets, and individuals.