WEBINAR: Mobility Regulatory & Compliance Issues in China 

Date: 19 September 2016 

Time: 11:00 AM (ET) 

Cost of Webinar: FREE 

*CE Credit (fees may apply): CRP-INTL; GMS 

Focus: Global 

Sponsored by: Lehman, Lee & Xu  - www.lehmanlaw.com 


This program will explore mobility practices in China and in particular we will look at the international regulatory and compliance regimes that lawyers must deal with in order to best serve their clients. Examine the FCPA and how it affects entities that operate in China.  Understand the Bribery Act 2010 and China’s own anti-corruption laws and how they affect entities that operate in China. By the end of this webinar you will better understand the regulatory and compliance regimes that operate in China, how they apply in practice, how to plan for their effects and how not to fall foul of them.

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Edward E. Lehman
Executive Director
Lehman, Lee & Xu