WEBINAR: Geopolitical Climate Changes and the Impact on Global Mobility  

Date: 06 April 2017 

Time: 9:00 AM (ET) 

Cost of Webinar: FREE 

*CE Credit (fees may apply): CRP; GMS 

Focus: Global; U.S. Domestic 

Sponsored by: SIRVA  - http://www.sirva.com  


Changes in the global geopolitical landscape can have a significant impact on your global mobility program. Relevant global trends affecting the mobility industry include nationalism, economic instability, mass migrations and regulatory shifts. Specifically, recent events such as the UK leaving the EU, or ‘Brexit’, as well as the outcome of the US election has created speculation about how mobility will be affected. Other mobility impacts include housing prices, mobility volume and type as well as immigration challenges. Join SIRVA to learn more about new and pending changes around the world.


George Parr
Chief Marketing Officer
SIRVA Worldwide Relocation & Moving





Taryn Kramer
Vice President, Global Consulting
SIRVA Worldwide Relocation & Moving 




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