WEBINAR: Business Travel Tracking – Knowing Where Your Mobile Employees Are is Now a C-suite Issue 

Date: 29 June 2017 

Time: 2:00 PM (ET) 

Cost of Webinar: FREE 

*CE Credit (fees may apply): CRP-INTL; GMS 

Focus: Global 

Sponsored by: MSI Global Talent Solutions  - http://msigbs.com/ 


Business travel is transforming how companies conduct business today.  Companies are relying less on long term assignments and more heavily on short term or business trips in order to conduct business around the world.  With this change, comes significant risk to your organization and your employees.  Countries around the world are becoming more sophisticated in uncovering individuals that are working within countries on a short term basis.  This seminar will review the latest trends and issues that companies are facing and review options to employ to ensure they and their employees remain compliant.  This seminar will provide insights on process, policies and technology that organizations can and should implement to ensure that the organization remains compliant throughout the complex process of tracking employees worldwide.



Nellie Bloom
President of Global Tax and Compensation
MSI Global Talent Solutions




Linda Girard
VP of Strategic Initiatives
MSI Global Talent Solutions



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