WEBINAR: Crossing Borders in a Borderless World 

Date: 08 September 2016 

Time: 2:00 PM (ET) 

Cost of Webinar: FREE 

*CE Credit (fees may apply): CRP; GMS 

Focus: Global 

Sponsored by: DwellWorks  - www.dwellworks.com 


Porous political boundaries, warp-speed communications, massive global migration…all reflections of a POST-global world, where boundaries and walls are less important than bridges and webs, and where the greatest challenges to be managed are created by culture, not nation-states.  More than ever, in the 21st century managing cultural differences, has become the critical determinant of global success, and businesses and individuals who “get it” will thrive, while those who ignore cultural differences will struggle and fade.  And,  what we need to know about culture has also changed, influenced by global forces, a new workforce generation, and new technologies.  This interactive webinar will explore the landscape of this new POST-global world, what it means to be “culturally competent” today, and the best practices for managing cultural differences for success today … and tomorrow. 

Dean Foster, the founder of DFA Global Intercultural Solutions and now Senior Advisor at Dwellworks, presents on global cultural skill development to organizations around the world. 

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Dean Foster
Founder, DFA Global Intercultural Solutions