Global Workforce Summit
Focus on Europe, Middle East & Africa

June 10-11, 2010
Frankfurt, Germany

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

14:00 – 19:00

Delegate Check-in/Registration
Congress Center Foyer - First Floor

Thursday, June 10, 2010

08:00 – 19:00

Delegate Check-in/Registration
Congress Center Foyer - First Floor

09:00 – 10:30

Opening Plenary Session
Congress Center A - First Floor

Keynote Presentation: The New World of Work
Perspectives on the Next 10 Years

The nature of work and the workplace is being reshaped more radically than at any time since the Industrial Revolution. Technology is changing the rules of where and when we practice our professions -- in the years ahead the map of work itself will be transformed. The idea of the “organization” -- of how work is managed -- is being fundamentally re-defi ned. And an increasingly globalized world - with an emerging new balance of commercial power, new business brands and a billion-plus middle class entering the employment market -- will bring a massive shift in the geographic spread of work opportunities and the equation of workforce mobility. Leading futurologist Dr James Bellini shares his insights on what the next 10 years -- and beyond -- hold in store.

10:30 - 11:15

Networking and Refreshments
Congress Center B and Foyer - First Floor

Visit with exhibitors, network with other Summit attendees and enjoy refreshments in the exhibition area.

11:15 – 12:30

Educational Sessions
Attendees may select one of the following sessions which are offered concurrently.

Intra-region, Short-term, and Commuter Assignments
Room 1022-24 - First Floor
More companies are adopting tailored policies that consider the reason for the assignment and its anticipated length, as well as whether the employee is close enough to travel to the assignment location in a relatively short time and inexpensive manner. HR practitioners on the European continent seem to have the most experience with short-term and commuter assignments. But there is still considerable risk and much to learn. In this session, you will hear real life stories that will help you discover what can go wrong, even in the most diligent and attentive environments and how you can prepare for compliance issues.

Mustafa T. Bharmal, EMEA Project Mobility Manager, Honeywell International, London
Laurie Griffi th-Jones, Senior Manager, Tax and People Services Group, KPMG, London
Ellen Shipley, Head of International Assignments and Global Immigration, BT, London

Eurasia: Emerging Markets
Room 2025-26 - Second Floor
The oil and gas industry is continuing expansion activities in the challenging countries within Eurasia.  What are the critical issues facing corporations bringing assignees into the area, and what are the solutions they have developed?  Explore this emerging destination with local experts.

John Pfeiffer, GMS, Manager of Global Human Resources, Mustang Engineering, LP, Houston
Ed Sparks, International Assignments Director, JT International, Geneva

Legal Issues that Impact Cross-border Mobility in Europe
Room 1039-40 - First Floor
Mobility in Europe often involves many jurisdictions. As a result, compliance is one of the greatest challenges.  From the hot topic of VAT changes and practices, to immigration and labor law, the issues are numerous and complex and affect mobility strategy and tactics.  Learn from experts in these areas and bring your questions!

Adrian Bell, Partner, Morton Fraser Solicitors, London
David Crawford, Partner, Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP, London
Julia Zange, Attorney, Arnecke Siebold, Frankfurt

12:30 – 13:15

Networking Luncheon
Congress Center C - First Floor

13:15 – 14:00

Dessert in the Exhibition Area
Congress Center C and Foyer - First Floor

14:00 – 15:00

Educational Sessions
Attendees may select one of the following sessions which are offered concurrently.

Client Service Level Agreement Expectations
Room 2025-26 - Second Level
Annual price savings guarantees increasingly are being identified as a required key performance indicator (KPI) by procurement staff within the service level agreement (SLA).   When pricing levels already have low margins, it is challenging to adhere to these annual savings guarantees.  Participate in a discussion on treading the line between the need for decreasing costs and maintaining service at expected levels.

Deanna T. Rasmussen, Global Mobility Manager, DHL Supply Chain, London
Casey Clemence, HR Executive for Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, WorleyParsons Arabia, Al Khobar
Vivian M. Høgh Jøgensen, Global Mobility Manager, LEGO System A/S, Billund

Talent Management: Transforming the Mobility Function
Room 1039-40 - First Floor
Mobility can be broken down into a multitude of single transactions. But, it is a transactional function, or a strategic one? Join in on a discussion about how to transform the mobility group from one that is transactional to one that is truly strategic from a talent management perspective.

Adrian Moule, Director, Global Mobility Centre of Expertise, Tetra Pak International SA, Pully, Switzerland

Cultural Challenges - Moving to Various Countries in Africa
Room 1022-24 - Second Floor
The World Bank has been involved in African geographies for many years, and can speak authoritatively about the varied realities, cultures, political systems, risks, and HR issues in many African countries. Join this work session, led by Geremie Sawadago who just completed a study for World Bank on this topic, and explore the intercultural issues of moving employees.

Geremie Sawadogo, Senior Human Resource Offi cer - PREM Network, The World Bank Group, Washington, DC

15:15 – 17:30

Global Mobility Benchmarking Workshop for Corporate/HR Professionals
Room 1022-24 - First Floor

Provided exclusively for those who are directly responsible for workforce mobility within their own organizations, this interactive session will provide the opportunity to benchmark policies and practices, identify solutions for challenges within your program, share policy information and examine cost-saving alternatives to standard mobility practices in a confidential environment. Learn about Worldwide ERC's eDiscussions - a benchmarking tool you can use without even leaving your desk!

15:15 - 17:30

Service Provider Session
Congress Center Hall A - First Floor

The European Economy and Its Impact on Talent Mobility
This session will feature two different functional and geographic perspectives. The former Vice President of the European Investment Bank will provide an economist’s perspective of Central and Eastern Europe including his prognosis for economic recovery in certain sectors. The Managing Director and Global Head of Human Resources for one of the world’s largest investment banking groups will then give us a perspective on southern Europe. From Spain to Italy to Greece, what do economic changes mean for mobility, supply of talent and the impact on compensation? Come prepared to participate with economic and HR experts as we explore where we are going in these two important European regions.

Ivan Pilip, Former Vice President of European Investment Bank, Prague
Luis Carlos Infante, Managing Director, Unirecursos, S.L., Madrid

17:30 – 19:00

Cocktail Reception
Congress Center B and Foyer - First Floor

Friday, June 11, 2010

09:00 - 10:15

Plenary Session
Congress Center A - First Floor

Global Thought Leaders
Worldwide ERC's highly acclaimed "Global Thought Leaders" series features a distinguished panel of business leaders who will discuss issues surrounding the global business forces that affect workforce mobility and international human resources issues.

Peggy Smith, CEO, Worldwide ERC®, Washington,DC
Casey Clemence, HR Executive for Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, WorleyParsons Arabia, Al Khobar
Sai Gandhi, Organizational Effectiveness & Development Director, SIPCO, PepsiCo, Jeddah
Rostya Gordon-Smith, Director, PeopleIMPACT, s.r.o. EMEA, Prague
Luis Carlos Infante, Managing Director, Unirecursos S.L., Madrid
Sam Tsima, President/Chairperson & Chief Executive, Cometsa Group, Johannesburg

10:15 – 10:45 Networking and Refreshments
Congress Center B and Foyer - First Floor
10:45 – 12:00

Educational Sessions
Attendees may select one of the following sessions which are offered concurrently.

Challenges: Deploying Talent into African Markets
Room 2025-26 - Second Floor
With the expansion of the oil and telecom industries in Africa, many companies have become interested in operations on the African continent. Some of these operations are start-ups in demanding geographies. Other new entities go into countries on the eastern portion of the continent, where the environment is good, but housing is scarce and expensive. Many of these companies solve these challenges by moving their expatriates’ families to a different home base and allowing the employees to commute to their assignment locations. Discover some of the challenges of and solutions to deploying talent into these African markets.

Farid Ahmed, Head HR, Saudi Levant, Iran & Iraq, Nokia Siemens Networks, Dubai
Carol Hondonga, Recruiting and Talent Manager, Southern Africa, Rio Tinto, Johannesburg
Geremie Sawadogo, Senior Human Resource Offi cer - PREM Network, The World Bank Group,
Washington, DC

HR Issues and Mobility Practices: Spotlight on Efes
Room 1039-40 - First Floor
Efes Beer Group is one of the largest independent brewers across a wide geographic area that includes Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Georgia. From its foundation in 1969, Efes moved up to Europe’s fi fth largest brewer of
European beer. On its 41st anniversary, Efes Beer Group has become a global powerhouse with 14 breweries, six malteries, one hops processing facility and two sales organizations in Belarus and Azerbaijan. Efes is now a brand well known and appreciated throughout the region. With the Efes Beer Group’s growth into Russia and other parts of Eurasia, the global assignment program is critical to their business. This session will spotlight this growing company, explore its current human talent issues and practices and discover how they link the business to their mobility practices.

Emre Kavukcuoglu, Compensation and Benefits Manager, Efes Beer Group, Istanbul
N. Idil Ozdogan, People Development and Training Manager, Efes Beer Group, Istanbul

Mobility Compensation Issues and Practices in Europe
Room 1022-24 - First Floor
Receive the latest updates on cross-border compensation issues in the EMEA environment.  Discover general trends and prevalent practices for workforce mobility in key locations and determine how companies are balancing the “war for talent” with total rewards costs and constraints.  You will come away with an understanding of the alignment of the company’s rewards program with strategic talent management and mobility practices.

Cecilia Calais, Head of Global International Assignments, Ericsson, Stockholm
David Halleck, Head of Compensation and Benefi ts, Maersk Oil and Gas, Copenhagen
Monique Neijzen, GMS, Client Services Manager, AIRINC, Amsterdam
Hans Å. Skumlien, Project Manager – Corporate People Processes, Det Norske Veritas AS, Oslo

12:15 - 13:30

Educational Sessions
Attendees may select one of the following sessions which are offered concurrently.

Optimizing Costs for Expat Assignments
Room 1039-40 - First Floor
Even before the economic downturn, companies were focused on how to minimize the potential for the enormous costs that accompanied expatriate and cross-border deployment.  Now cost containment is more important than ever, but so is effective deployment of talent.  Join our experts to find out what methods can be utilized to optimize costs for the expat assignment.

David Rooney, GMS, Director, Human Resource Services Division, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Frankfurt
Regina Weiss, Senior Manager, Accenture, Kronberg

The HR Landscape in Dubai: Realities, Challenges, Current and Future Practices
Room 2025-26 - Second Floor
Dubai had become an extreme player on the world stage - its growth and importance is legendary. Learn from Human Resource professionals about the HR landscape now. What are the opportunities enjoyed by and the issues faced by human resource professionals, and what is the projection for talent and HR practices in this vibrant economy for the future?

Farid Ahmed, Head of HR, Saudi Levant, Iran & Iraq, Nokia Siemens Networks, Dubai
Vikram Tandon, Regional Human Resources Director, Chartis International, Dubai

13:30 – 14:30

Closing Luncheon
Congress Center C - First Floor

Before we say Auf Wiedersehen, join us for a final opportunity for networking and sharing ideas in the closing Summit luncheon.



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