National Relocation Conference

May 19-21, 2010
Walt Disney World Dolphin
Orlando, Florida

Keynote Speakers 

Opening General Session
Thursday, May 20
Plan – Brief – Execute – Debrief: WIN
A Fighter Pilot’s Secret to Business Success

You're fighting for market share. You're fighting to make your numbers. You need a team that works as one. You need a team that works for the same goals. You need a team that knows not only how to plan a mission, but how to execute that mission flawlessly from start to finish.   

It takes a different mindset to succeed in a rapidly changing environment and this amazing program will help you embrace change and succeed!

Friday Morning Industry Thought Leaders
Friday, May 21

   What critical issues are facing our industry and the world in the next six months?  Our panel of visionaries will share their views and insights in this superb program moderated by Peggy Smith, SCRP, GMS, from Microsoft Corporation.

Closing General Session
Friday, May 21
Crazy Busy Nuts: Getting Off the Conveyor Belt of Life
Victoria Labalme

Do you ever wake up feeling stressed just thinking about your day? Does your week tend to feel like a non-stop ‘conveyor belt’ of commitments and to-do lists?  In this comedic, high-energy, entertaining performance, you’ll learn to take the challenging issues in your life and transform people’s mindset by discovering practical tools for managing the chaos...and the inspiration to change. 


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