About the Foundation 

The Worldwide ERC® Foundation for Workforce Mobility was established in 2004. Its MISSION is to energize the global community through charitable giving. Its VISION is that all communities touched by global mobility are actively aware of, inspired by, and engaged in our charitable efforts, worldwide.

Donate to the Foundation
To donate to the Foundation on behalf of, or in memory of, a special friend, family member, visit the online donation form or contact Kirk Fabel at kfabel@WorldwideERC.org or +1 703 842 3411. The Foundation is a public charity as defined under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code, and accordingly, your donation is fully tax-deductible.

Charitable Outreach
Since its inception, the Foundation has contributed over $350,000 in aid to charitable organizations that assist disaster victims, sick children, food for the hungry, and resources for the needy to learn how to become self-sufficient. With your help, the Foundation reaches those who need support in all parts of the world. The Foundation currently supports Family Promise - click here for our upcoming events.

Foundation Scholarship Program
In coordination with the Regional Groups Scholarship Partnership
In one of many ways in which we seek to further our mission to energize the global community through charitable giving, the Foundation works in cooperation with Worldwide ERC®-recognized Regional Relocation Groups to support a student scholarship program.  Through the program, high school students with relocation experience are encouraged to submit essays that meet the program’s qualifications, and outline their personal stories, lessons learned and/or advice to fellow teens.  Learn more.

Click here to see the 2017 Scholarship recipients and Regional Groups that participated!



Pictures from the Global Workforce Symposium Walk, 2017, Chicago, Illinois