Worldwide ERC® Foundation Regional Groups Scholarship Partnership 

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  • March 15 – Regional Group Application and Student Essay due to the Foundation.
  • April 1 – Foundation will notify Regional Groups of all of Scholarship Recipients.

In one of many ways in which we seek to further our mission to energize the global community through charitable giving, the Foundation works in cooperation with Worldwide ERC®-recognized Regional Relocation Groups to support a student scholarship program.  Through the program, high school students with relocation experience are encouraged to submit essays that meet the program’s qualifications, and outline their personal stories, lessons learned and/or advice to fellow teens.   Regional groups select an award-winning essay and the student receives funds in support of future endeavors.   

Regional relocation groups with scholarship programs that meet the Foundation’s qualifying criteria below are encouraged to submit Regional Group Qualifying Applications to the Foundation no later than close of business (EST) on March 15. Applications received after March 15 will not be considered.

Foundation scholarship program guiding principles:

  • Total scholarship funds, and minimum per scholarship, will be determined annually during the Foundation budget process.
  • If there are more applicants than funds available, a lottery will be established.
  • Regional groups are responsible for vetting and ensuring their candidates meet the qualification requirements before submitting to the Foundation for consideration.
  • Only one applicant submission per regional group permitted.
  • All Foundation scholarships will be presented to award recipients in the name of the Worldwide ERC® Foundation for Workforce Mobility.
  • The Foundation reserves the right to have a Foundation Trustee, if available, present Foundation scholarship(s) to award recipient(s).
  • Regional Group Application, Checklist and Student Essay should be clearly labeled with the name of the submitting regional group and emailed to:

To qualify for participation in the Foundation’s scholarship program a regional relocation group must:

  1. Be a Worldwide ERC® recognized Regional Group (see
  2. Have an established charitable outreach, community support or similar program in place within its organization.
  3. Have an established and published scholarship program in place that:
    • Awards at least an annual scholarship to no less than one (1) high school senior, in good standing, for an amount not less than $500.00 per award recipient, and;
    • Conducts a thorough evaluation and selection process of all received applications, and 
    • Has defined and published application qualifying criteria with at least one (1) component of the criteria being that an applicant must have relocated to a given area (not less than 50 miles and having changed high schools) within a certain established time frame.
  4. Vet all student applications, verifying applicant:
    • Is a high school senior in good standing (signature of school official required) 
    • Has a GPA of 2.5 or better on a scale of 4.0 (documented) 
    • Provides SAT/ACT scores (documented)
    • Provides a list of extracurricular activities
  5. Submit to the Foundation the Regional Group Application, along with the candidate’s essay (of not less than 1,000 words and in Word format, not a PDF) that, at a minimum that addresses the Student Applicant’s challenges and experiences encountered while relocating to his or her new home and high school, as well as any successes achieved. It is recommended, but not required, that the essay contain any advice the Student Applicant would give to another teenager preparing to relocate.
  6. Award scholarships prior to the last day of the month of August.