Mobility Reimagined!



What if you discovered a new way to manage global assignments that improved employee satisfaction and the bottom line? What if your strategy got stronger and better every time you focused on mobility issues? And what if you could do your job with the knowledge that you always had an entire industry of experts and colleagues behind you?

Come and find out at the 2016 Global Workforce Symposium! We are reimagining mobility, building on the knowledge and experience we’ve gained, and mapping a new course for our future together. Join us 5-7 October in Washington, DC as we take you on a journey filled with world-class speakers and thought-provoking sessions, with a lively marketplace and well-connected colleagues you know and respect…or have yet to meet!

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Symposium Credits Available:

Certified Relocation Professional (CRP®) - 15 recertification credits

Global Mobility Specialist (GMS®) -15 recertification credits

HR Certification Institute - Approved

For attending the GMS® education:
HR Certification Institute - Approved


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