Module 1 - Applied International Assignment Policy Development 

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By completing Module 1, you will:

  • Build a strong foundation in the basic compensation, benefits, policy, and logistical aspects of an effective international assignment
  • Gain insights into today’s key challenges that are shaping the management and service of a worldwide mobile workforce
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of global mobility assistance, policies and practices
  • Discover methods that will enable enhanced communication among peers, clients, service partners, and expatriates and their families

Content includes:

  • Overview of the classic principles and components of the traditional international assignment and today’s changing practices
  • Corporate philosophies on compensation and benefits and how they shape policy and procedures
  • The strategy behind constructing or revising an expatriate policy and the key factors that drive it
  • The challenges of international assignment administration and how they affect policy, clients, and service partners
  • Emerging trends in global workforce mobility that will shape the future
  • The business imperatives driving the creation of the “new expatriate”
  • A step-by-step process to effectively sell policy recommendations to management (It is so good, you’ll find yourself using it for any item that needs management approval!)
  • The key factors in the development and implementation of cost-of-living policies
  • Money-related matters affected by mobility such as fluctuating currencies and home- or host-country compensation approaches
  • An in-depth balance sheet review
  • The complex issue of home- and host-location housing
  • The multiple considerations in developing policies and services for various assignment elements, including household goods, pets, transportation, education, home leave, spouse employment, and premiums/special allowances
  • Methods for effective cost-tracking and examples of cost-control techniques
  • How to prepare an in-depth cost estimate
  • An overview of critical immigration issues affecting global mobility today
  • The key role of taxes in assignment costs and the application of the tax equalization approach
  • Policy practices for workforce security
  • Contract documentation that is critical to successful assignment administration
  • Effective techniques to enhance your communication with expatriates and their families
  • Strategies for successful repatriation programs

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