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Corporate Membership

Designed for in-house practitioners (e.g. Human Resources, Talent, Compensation/Benefits, Finance, and Compliance) within the HR departments of Corporations, Government, and Militarywho are interested learning more about the workforce mobility industry. To qualify as a corporate member, you cannot be involved in the marketing, consulting, or any other commercial aspect of providing services related to workforce mobility.  Learn more

Mobility Service Membership

Designed for companies that want to market their services within the workforce mobility industry.  These services can be anything between Pet Transportation to Financial Services (click here for a full list of services).  This membership allows you access to... Learn more.

Personal/Professional (PERC™) Membership

PERC membership is designed for individuals involved in workforce mobility, relocation, and real estate services who are not the designated member of their company's membership, but are still in the community and would like to stay up-to-date on industry news, attend conferences at a discount, or maintain their CRP® designation, etc. Learn more.

Business people

Relocation Appraiser

Designed for relocation appraisers who valuate homes of relocated employees. This membership allows you access to...Learn more.

Real Estate Broker

Designed for Real Estate Broker companies that assist with the housing needs of relocated employees in the United States, its Territories, and Canada. This membership allows you access to... Learn more.

Relocation Management Company

Relocation Management Company* membership is especially designed for companies that engage in the purchase and sale of corporate clients homes and operate in a 50-mile radius or greater as well as have contractual agreements with corporations to buy and sell homes of relocated employees.  To learn more about RMC member benefits, please contact Janet Williams at +1 703 842 3448 or email


If you need assistance in choosing the appropriate membership category for yourself, please contact our Customer Care Team +1 703 842 3410;