Personal/Professional (PERC™) Membership 

PERC™ membership is designed for individuals involved in workforce mobility, relocation, and real estate services who are not the designated member of their company's membership, but are still active in the community and would like to stay up-to-date on industry news, attend conferences at a discount, or maintain their CRP® designation, etc. We know how mobile our members are and have designed this membership to be easy to access from wherever you are and wherever your careers may take you. Remember - one of the most important benefits of PERC™ membership is the ability to keep your membership - even if you change employers! Join today!


PERC™ membership benefits at a Glance: 

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What members are saying about Worldwide ERC® 

Worldwide ERC® helps us train our employees and build our reputation as a professional company." 

Marta Gomez, GMS
Relocations Espana

"Worldwide ERC® has heled me learn more about the industry and how the work I do fits into the larger scheme of workforce mobility."

Elena Arzumanyan, GMS
Prime Realty & Relocation

"Worldwide ERC® grows professionals through educations; exposure to other industry leaders around the world; networking with every industry segment, which builds a bridge to one another; and connecting all the dots so that the delivery of relocation services is an experience that is memorable!  You cannot place a monetary value on the Worldwide ERC® Community - it is immeasurable!

Beth Archibald, SCRP, SGMS
Archibald Relocation & Real Estate Services


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