Relocation Appraisers - Member Testimonials  

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"You cannot play or succeed in the relocation arena without Worldwide ERC®-- it just doesn't happen. From my affiliation with Worldwide ERC®, I have learned respect and professionalism, have received guidelines and standardization, have been provided countless opportunities, but foremost, I have been welcomed into the relocation family."
Jay Delich, SCRP, Arizona Appraisal Team

"The people you meet through Worldwide ERC® help each other understand the entire industry to reach the goal of helping transferring employees."
Richard W. Foos, Foos & Associates

"I am most connected with Worldwide ERC®'s work in standardization through their relocation forms and involvement with XML data standards. The CRP® program and Directory are high on theWorldwide ERC® value chain and are must-have resources for the relocation appraiser."
Bob Headrick, SCRP, Robert E. Headrick and Associates, Inc.

"Worldwide ERC® has been great for my career and my visibility in the industry."
Hank Fontes, Fontes Appraisals, Inc.

"Worldwide ERC® provides an outstanding value proposition if you consider yourself a relocation appraiser."
Jeff Barta, SCRP, Jeff Barta Valuations, Inc.

"The more I become involved with Worldwide ERC®, the more connected I become with my clients and peers. Participating on the MOBILITY Editorial Advisory Committee and speaking at Worldwide ERC® conferences have been rewarding experiences. I have benefited professionally and personally in countless ways through my involvement with Worldwide ERC®."
James R. Gargano, Jr., CRP, Bomba Gargano Valuation, Inc.

"The Worldwide ERC® online Relocation Appraisal Training Program, Summary Appraisal Report, and Relocation Appraisal Guide are essential to relocation appraising. Any professional relocation appraiser will benefit immensely by combining these tools with Worldwide ERC®'s vehicles to exchanging ideas, learn theory and techniques, and refine the process of relocation appraising."
Arnold Schwartz, SCRP, SRA, Arnold M Schwartz & Associates, Inc.