Real Estate Brokerage Firms - Member Testimonials 

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"I've learned almost everything I know about this industry from my Worldwide ERC® peer group. My fellow members are more willing to share than any others I have ever encountered. The relationships that I have forged at Worldwide ERC® have allowed me to build a successful business and create lifelong friendships. And if anyone had ever told me that all of this was possible through participation in an organization, I'm not sure I would have believed them!"
-Jill Silvas, SCRP, GMS, Morgan Lane

"I feel most strongly about the importance and prestige of the CRP® and GMS™ designations. The Worldwide ERC® Broker Market Analysis Guidebook is the most worn book that I have. It is used in every one of our regions. Nothing explains the preparation, use and the form itself as completely as this Guide."
-Maggie Kiesow, CRP, GMS, Coldwell Banker Prime Properties

Every penny in this economy is crucial, but Worldwide ERC® has more than met my expectations. Thank you Worldwide ERC®!
-Gary Coles, CRP, GMS, Venture Realty Group

"Through their 'value points' like conferences, research reports, tax and legal information, member website and online searchable index, Worldwide ERC® has developed a rich intellectual capital the likes of which are seldom found anywhere else."
-Tom Cryer, SCRP, The Kentwood Company

"Worldwide ERC® grows professionals through education; exposure to other industry leaders around the world; networking with every industry segment, which builds a bridge to one another; and connecting all the dots so that the delivery of relocation services is an experience that is memorable! You cannot place a monetary value on the Worldwide ERC® Community – it is immeasurable!"
-Beth Archibald, SCRP, GMS, Archibald Relocation, LLC

Worldwide ERC® members are always willing to share their expertise for the benefit of other members.
-Kathy Connelly, SCRP, Prudential Georgia Realty