Express - January 2017 

Peggy Smith: From the University to the Universe

The talent crunch continues. Employers are seeking every possible avenue to solve the skills and labor shortage, and increasingly, smart companies and universities are creating partnerships that serve them both. Companies need to identify and train employees, and universities need to increase enrollments. Two of the things that are happening at the corporate level – a need for training and for filling the talent pipeline – make partnerships with universities a practical relationship.  Read the full column.

Worldwide ERC® Government Affairs Community Update Covers Changes in New U.S. Administration
Worldwide ERC® has developed the Government Affairs Community Update: The First 100 Days, reporting on Trump’s initial actions in the presidency, that is provided to its members on the second and fourth Monday of each month.   Read the first and second issues of "Government Affairs Community Update: The First 100 Days" here!    

What’s the Bigger CEO Worry: Skills Shortage or Political Upheaval?
The world's chief executives are more worried about finding workers with the right skills than they are about global political volatility and a surge in populism. A PwC survey of 1379 CEOs from 79 countries, revealed at the Davos World Economic Forum, shows 77 percent are concerned about skill shortages; more than double the number when the poll was first taken 20 years ago. Skill shortages has been one of the fastest growing concerns since 2015, when it troubled 73 per cent of CEOs. Read the full article here.

Three Regions, Three Summits, Three Great Learning Opportunities!
Business leaders are increasingly recognizing the strategic and competitive value of talent mobility, as it helps them build and place the strengths and skills where and when they are needed, across the globe.  The time for talent mobility is now, and Worldwide ERC® is the place.  Hear insights from Sir Malcolm Rifkind in London about what’s next for the free movement of people in a post-Brexit Europe.  Take inspiration from Dr. Jordan Nguyen in Shanghai on coming changes as human ingenuity and technological advancements continue to converge, and imagine the future workforce with Singapore’s thought leaders! Convene with senior leaders in the field for high-level discussions on mobility trends, innovative approaches and solutions to challenges.  Explore the current regulatory landscapes and understand the opportunities and the risks. Take part in the conversations to learn about new products and services during marketplace hours.

Upcoming events include:

London Summit
24 February
Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, London UK
Registration is complimentary for Corporate HR delegates.  Learn more and register.

Shanghai Summit
24 March 2017
Pudong Shangri-La, East Shanghai
Registration is complimentary for Corporate HR delegates.  Learn more and register.

Singapore Summit
31 March 2017
Intercontinental Singapore Hotel
Discounted r
egistration is available for Corporate HR delegates. Learn more and register.

Educational Bonus! Arrive a day early for the Summits in London or Shanghai, and enhance your professional development even further.  We’re also offering a classroom-style presentation of one of our Global Mobility Specialist (GMS)® training program modules.  Meet new colleagues, boost your knowledge and cultural savvy and move one step closer to earning your GMS® designation with Module 3 - The Intercultural Challenge: Supporting Successful International Assignments. 

Fill That Job (or get the one you want!)
Many companies have integrated some new positions in their budgets with the start of a new year, and one of the best audiences for mobility industry employers is through the Worldwide ERC® Career Center. You’ll place your open jobs directly in front of thousands of workforce mobility professionals, and reach a concentrated audience of talent that can't be accessed through any other recruitment channel. And if you’re looking for a new opportunity, this is the place to be! Find out more about the Career Center!

Worldwide ERC®'s Tax Season Filing Tips for Transferees
Gratuities for the moving van driver or helpers is one of the deductible items that is sometimes overlooked when transferees are filing after a move. Do you know what the others are? You’ll find out in the most recent Worldwide ERC® Mobility LawBlog post! The LawBlog is where we share breaking tax and legal news and compliance and risk management information, with analysis of the impact to our mobility community. Sign up to receive e-mail alerts, or use our Tax/Legal Quicklink to ask a question or make a comment.