Express - April 2017 

Peggy Smith: The Connection Economy  

“We’ve shifted from the industrial economy—where the ability to make and do more, better, faster is valued—to the connection economy, which has a completely different perspective: It rewards the value created by building relationships and fostering connections.” Read Peggy Smith’s full column on our changing connectedness 

Close Your Eyes and Imagine This…
On second thought, open them, because we want you to read something!
You’re transported to Atlanta, Georgia. All around you, people are greeting each other like long-lost relatives. There’s an excitement in the air that could only mean there’s a concentration of high intelligence, curious professionals, and mobility brilliance in the city: it’s the Americas Mobility Conference! Everywhere you look, there’s a diverse group of professionals enthusiastically discussing challenges in South, Central and North America and worldwide. You’re busy making new contacts, soaking up information, experiencing “a-ha” moments that you can’t await to apply to your work, and having a wonderful time, too! (Yes – we’re FUN!) Read more about the conference, 17-19 May in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and register here for your #WERCAMC experience! NOW is the time to take advantage of our early and best pricing: it ends April 14!  

May the 12 Forces Be with You
Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has identified twelve forces that they say will radically change how companies work, centered around “changes in the demand for talent” and “changes in the supply of talent.” The 12 forces include automation, advanced analytics, access to information and ideas, simplicity in complexity, innovation, new customer strategies, demographic mix, skill imbalances, shifting geopolitical and economic power, diversity and inclusion, individualism and entrepreneurship, and well-being and purpose.

What Do You Know About Talent Mobility in China?
If you’re looking for information on current mobility trends into, out of, and within China; changes in developing employees and local talent; the impact of environmental concerns on assignments into China; and the status of formal mobility assistance policies for domestic moves within China… we have the perfect survey for you! Worldwide ERC® recently released the 2017 Talent Mobility in China survey, sponsored by SIRVA, Inc. Find out the top three reasons for short-term assignments into China, how companies handle assistance policies, the leading solution for cost-control approaches...and more! Order the 2017 Talent Mobility in China Survey here!

Here’s What Jennifer L. Said About Learning
Did you know you can learn much more about talent mobility - and even elevate the GMS® designation - in just a few hours, in the comfort of your home or office? Our specialty course, Strategic Talent Mobility, is now offered online, on a mobile-friendly platform. Knowledge isn’t just about power – it’s about credibility, too! In her Designated Driver column in Mobility, Jennifer Lutgen, CRP, GMS-T, Plus Relocation said, “Not only do my designations give some 'street cred' to my role in mobility, but more than that, the ongoing opportunities to learn and develop contribute to consistent involvement in the industry and allow me to stay current." If you’re excited about learning more on the intersection of talent mobility and talent management, this course is for you. And if you’re a GMS® designee who’s been wanting to earn your “T,” this course is the way to do it - it’s T time! Find out more about this remarkable course, and sign up today! (Questions? Contact us at

We Know You: You’re the Person Who Likes to be First in a Queue!
If you’re always the early responder and adopter, you will love knowing you can be at the front of the line to register for the Global Workforce Symposium in Chicago, Illinois, USA from 27-29 September! Registration is already open, so you can take advantage of early fees, and secure your hotel at the same time! Find out more about the meeting, and register here.

Add This Word to Your Vocabulary: “Returnships”
There’s something happening in the talent sourcing space you might want to know about: some companies have been incorporating high-level, paid internships for professionals (mostly women) who are seeking a permanent role in the workforce after a lengthy absence. Thus the term “returnships.” As strategy+business refers to them in their recent article Rethinking Returnships for Retaining Women, they are a “nicely packaged, labeled, and time-bound way of accessing the huge untapped talent pool of women seeking to relaunch their careers after a break. 

Two Courses; Two Hours Each; Too Good to Miss! 
Introducing… (drum roll, please!) two new online courses for the savvy (and soon-to-be-savvy) mobility professional! We’ve just developed and launched “Exploring Data Analytics for Mobility,” which provides an understanding of the importance of data analytics and how to take steps toward using data in one’s organizational decision-making processes, and “The Essentials of U.S. Mobility Taxes,” which covers the tax ramifications of companies reimbursing moving expenses for U.S. domestic transferees.

Exploring Data Analytics for Mobility (2 CE GMS® credits/2 CRP® credits): Find it here!
The Essentials of U.S. Mobility Taxes (2 CE GMS® credits): Discover it here!