Express - July 2017 

Peggy Smith: From Change, to Unpredictability, to Creativity
Change is observable, sometimes foreseeable. Unpredictability can be random, impulsive, surprising...and how we respond to unexpected events sets the stage for the future. Peggy shares three surprising initiatives that have delivered creative responses to unpredictable scenarios!

This Meeting is Off the HOOK!
Every day, the number of Global Workforce Symposium registrations, exhibits, and hotel rooms ticks up at a pace so fast the racket is distracting! We have to wear noise-cancelling headphones with two hats on top to drown out the commotion! If you’re planning to touch down 27-29 September in Chicago, Illinois, USA for this networking/learning/connecting/business development bonanza, act quickly, and add your registration to the happy hubbub that’s happening in our office. Read more about the Symposium and register here for your personal #ERCGWS experience.

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Taxes, Overtime, FCA, and Brexit…They’re All Here 
The current Government Affairs Community Update covers a fair amount of ground, addressing U.S. tax reform and state tax, international tax changes, the overtime pay rule, the Financial Choice Act, and Brexit negotiations…plus mobility impact statements following each summary! Read the latest issue here!

Fall in Love this Summer
Online training is the quickest, easiest, most flexible way to learn. (If that’s a statement you can agree with, you’re going to love this next sentence.) During the month of August, you can take Relocation 101: Principles of U.S. Mobility for only $145!  We want to share the love a little further, too, so we’re also discounting Principles of U.S.. Mobility Taxes to $145 for the month of September. (Both courses are regularly priced at $195.)  Visit the Worldwide ERC® Learning Academy course catalogue for details and registration. You might just fall in love with some of our other courses.

Disruption: Bring it On
More than six in ten CEOs see disruption as an opportunity - rather than a threat - for their business. Not only that, nearly 75 percent of them say they want to be the big disruptor in their sectors! In a new KPMG Survey, 2017 Global CEO Outlook, CEOs from some of the world’s largest companies said they see disruption as an opportunity to transform their business model, develop new products and services, and reshape their business so it is more successful than before. In the face of new challenges and uncertainties, CEOs are embracing a mindset of “‘disrupt and grow.”

That Magic Moment When You Find the Right Person
Have a new position you need the perfect person to fill? One of the best audiences for mobility industry employers is through the Worldwide ERC® Career Center! You’ll place your open jobs directly in front of thousands of workforce mobility professionals, and reach a concentrated audience of talent that can't be accessed through any other recruitment channel. And if you’re looking for a new opportunity, this is the place to be! Find out more about the Career Center!