Express - May 2017 

Peggy Smith: A Teachable Moment
The beauty and the challenge of our industry is that it is always changing, and continually tests our creativity and resourcefulness to keep us at the top of our game. The truth is, no matter how sophisticated our programs and practices might be in our home country, when we venture into a new region, we’re starting over. And when we’re feeling a little uncertain in a new environment, who doesn’t value a teachable moment from a trusted source, delivered with care and generosity?” 

Read Peggy Smith’s full column on how learning from and teaching each other is in our DNA!

This Dynamic Duo Delivers
Looking for a quick way to add some solid knowledge to your mental portfolio? You’ll love knowing about "Exploring Data Analytics for Mobility," which provides an understanding of the importance of data analytics and how to take steps toward using data in one's organizational decision-making processes, and "The Essentials of U.S. Mobility Taxes," which covers the tax ramifications of companies reimbursing moving expenses for U.S. domestic transferees. Discover more.

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RAC Up an Appraisal Win!
Relocation Appraisers & Consultants (RAC) and Worldwide ERC® are partnering to offer 50 relocation appraisers the chance to demonstrate their excellent report writing techniques in a Worldwide ERC® Summary Appraisal Report Writing Contest.  First Place and Honorable Mention will be announced as national winners to Worldwide ERC® and RAC members and constituents. Only the first 50 entrants will be considered, and entries must be received by July 1, 2017.
Find out more details about the contest and how to register.

A-Ha Moments in 140 Characters
Nearly 1,000 mobility professionals from 14 countries gathered together at the Americas Mobility Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, USA last week, and generated some great energy around the world! If you weren’t able to attend, tap into some of the excitement and #ERCAMC “a-ha” moments that were tweeted @WorldwideERC!

We’re Bringing It in September!
Get in touch with your inner innovator, and get ready to ramp up to some great networking and briefings at the Global Workforce Symposium, Chicago, Illinois, USA 27-29 September! The Symposium is where we gather to share information on the dynamic (and different!) characteristics of globalization in an uncertain landscape. It’s where we follow the actions, initiatives and workforce concerns of countries that impact and inform our mission. It’s where we bring experts together to educate and guide our industry on how to navigate the challenges and changes they are confronting. And it’s where we hope you’ll be in just a few months! Read more about the conference and register here for your #WERCGWS experience! (And make sure you get our early and best pricing by 9 June!)

Artificial Intelligence: Transformational Technology
In the strategy+business article, “A Strategist’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence,” author Anand Rao notes that “AI is generating new approaches to business models, operations, and the deployment of people that are likely to fundamentally change the way business operates.” As the conceptual side of computer science becomes practical and relevant to business, companies must decide what type of AI role they should play. “At the same time that AI threatens the loss of an almost unimaginable number of jobs, it is also a hungry, unsatisfied employer. The lack of capable talent — people skilled in deep learning technology and analytics — may well turn out to be the biggest obstacle for large companies. The greatest opportunities may thus be for independent businesspeople … who no longer need scale to compete with large companies, because AI has leveled the playing field. It is still too early to say which types of companies will be the most successful in this area — and we don’t yet have an AI model to predict it for us. In the end, we cannot even say for sure that the companies that enter the field first will be the most successful.” said Rao.

This Course Will Make You More Attractive
It’s true! You know how much more appealing you are when you learn something new and bring more value to the strategic planning table! Take the Strategic Talent Mobility℠ course at the office, at home or on the road, because this exceptional, comprehensive course is now offered exclusively online! Gain a deeper understanding of the factors that impact and influence today’s talent management environment, and what’s involved in designing the right talent management program. With real-life examples and a fluid, easy-to-follow format, you’ll end the course with a more strategic lens on how to address your work, and how to help your company and/or your clients plan for future mobile workforce issues. And you’ll be so happy over everything you learned, you’ll have a special mobility twinkle in your eye. (Which always makes a person just a little more attractive.) Register for your training today. (GMS® designees: your successful completion of this course will transition your designation to GMS-T!)   

Is Your Brain on Overload?
You probably read this title and thought “YES! My brain is ALWAYS on overload!” In the HBR article, “Your Brain Can Only Take So Much Focus,” author and executive coach Srini Pillay, M.D., says that “excessive focus exhausts the focus circuits in your brain. It can drain your energy and make you lose self-control. This energy drain can also make you more impulsive and less helpful. As a result, decisions are poorly thought out, and you become less collaborative.” Hmmm. So how do we fix this, you ask? Pillay says we can energize our focus by daydreaming (imagine something playful and wishful—like running through the woods, or lying on a yacht); taking a nap (10 minutes for a quick reset that makes us much clearer and more alert, or 90 minutes for more complete brain refreshing); or pretending to be someone else (mentally embodying a different identity, which gets us out of our own heads and allows us to think from another person’s perspective). For the very sharpest focus, perhaps you can daydream about being someone else who likes to take naps.