Express - September 2017 

Peggy Smith:  Leveraging Mobility
Imagine if rewards were experiences rather than financial remuneration. What if a short-term global assignment was incentive for meeting deliverables? What if companies looked to mobility and leveraged it as a component of their rewards program? Read more!

Lean Into E-learning
Did you know that stats from the Research Institute of America note that e-learning reduces instruction time by up to 60 percent? Not only is e-learning cost-efficient, it also boosts retention rates by reducing cognitive overload. (And nobody wants a bunch of cognitive overload cluttering up the joint.) Want to try some of our online training? Here are a few of our most popular courses:

Moving Expense Economic Analysis Paper Available
Worldwide ERC® and the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) jointly commissioned an update of a paper prepared in 1993 by two distinguished tax economists to support the value of the moving expense provisions to the proper functioning of the economy.  The paper, “The Tax Treatment of Moving Costs,” by Joseph Cordes and Eugene Steuerle, has now been completed and is available for use during tax reform discussions.  Like the earlier version, the paper argues that favorable tax treatment of moving costs is an important contributor to a strong economy, as it facilitates the mobility of labor.  Worldwide ERC® and AMSA will be citing the paper in support of efforts to preserve the favorable tax treatment of moving costs. Download the paper here.


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What to Pack for the Symposium
Let’s see, you’re leaving for the Symposium later this month. You want to bring comfortable shoes, and workout gear, and casual business clothes that make you feel great. Remember it’s Chicago in the fall, so… yeah – throw that warm jacket in. Phone, tablet, laptop, cords, chargers, earbuds – check. Maybe a snack for the plane, and download that book you’ve been wanting to read. Do a few stretching exercises so those hands will be in shape for all the meeting and greeting. And be sure to bring your most curious mind and beamiest smile, because this meeting is going to be amazing! We’re just two weeks away from our Global Workforce Symposium, and our registration list is chock-full of more than 1500 gifted people like you, gathering to gain knowledge, schmooze in the Marketplace, tweet about their a-ha moments, spend time with familiar friends, and get smarter and more skilled by the minute! Find out more about what’s in store at the Global Workforce Symposium, Chicago, Illinois, USA 27-29 September… and if you hadn’t been meaning to come but now that you read this great post about it, you have decided you can’t miss it, register here for your own outstanding #ERCGWS experience.

Difference-making Talent
In the book Time, Talent, Energy, authors Eric Garton and Michael C. Mankins reference the talent management practices of more than 300 large companies worldwide, and note that the organizations that perform most effectively cluster and deploy their star talent in a few business-critical roles. Termed an “intentionally nonegalitarian” model, the practice uses scarce difference-making talent in roles where it will have the biggest effect. Garton and Mankins discovered that organizations which focus more heavily on managing how employees spend their time and how they thoughtfully place people in their roles, create companies that are 40% more productive than their competition, with profit margins which are 30-50% higher than their industry average.

November in Mexico, or December in Brazil?
If you’re looking for LATAM networking and education before the end of the year, we have two great options for you in Mexico City and São Paulo. Focus on regional workforce challenges, solutions, services and products in two extraordinary markets:   

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