Worldwide ERC Coalition Alert

Worldwide ERC® Introduces New Property Assessment Form and Guide; Replaces Relocation Home Inspection Documents 


With immediate effect, Worldwide ERC® is replacing its previous Relocation Home Inspection Report Form and Guidebook with a revised and renamed Worldwide ERC® Relocation Property Assessment and corresponding guide. The form is available for use in all states with the exception of Texas, which has a state-promulgated form.

As standard home inspection processes and forms are coming under increasing levels of review and regulation in many jurisdictions, it is evident that a more clearly demonstrable distinction is needed between home inspection documents and the forms that relocation professionals use to report essential property information in the context of an employee move. With the help of a task force of industry professionals and input from Worldwide ERC® members, the Worldwide ERC® Coalition took the proactive approach of achieving that differentiation by developing a revised and renamed assessment form. The form is designed to:

  • Continue to meet the unique needs of employers and relocation management company professionals in their need to gather those property details necessary for employee homesale assistance programs;
  • Clearly and thoroughly demonstrate to consumers and state home inspection boards and/or regulatory bodies that it is not, nor should it be mistaken or substituted for a general home inspection of the type often ordered by purchasers of residential real estate in a non-relocation related transaction.

The new Worldwide ERC® Property Assessment and Worldwide ERC® Property Assessment Guide are available via the Worldwide ERC®'s forms portal.

To allow users a transition period, the previous Relocation Home Inspection Report forms will be phased out of use and no longer available via the Worldwide ERC® forms portal by June 1, 2008.