MOBILITY's 2011 Editorial Achievement Award Winners 

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The annual Editorial Achievement award is presented for the Mobility article with the greatest subject matter relevance and writing excellence.  With the number and range of outstanding articles published in one year, you can imagine that this award is quite an achievement.  Our magazine has clearly established itself as the number one source of information on workforce mobility and the article archives on the Worldwide ERC® website provide an invaluable 24/7 resource.

The strength of Mobility lies in drawing its articles from the membership—from the professionals in the field.  This year we recognized two articles that were particularly noteworthy.

With one article appearing in the March issue and the second article appearing in the May issue, we were pleased to present the 2011 Mobility Editorial Achievement Award to:


Jennifer Monica Castelino


“Culture Clash China – a Corporate Conundrum”

March Issue


Co-Author -- Margie A. Dillon, CRP, SGMS

Hitachi Hi-Technologies America, Inc.

“Adapt and Adjust – Managing Change in Employee Mobility”

May Issue


Co-Author -- Kate D. Kelley-Dilts, SCRP, SGMS

NEI Global Relocation

“Adapt and Adjust – Managing Change in Employee Mobility”

May Issue