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For Immediate Release - April 01, 2013 

Worldwide ERC News Release
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New Worldwide ERC® Member Benefit: Easy Access to Intercultural Resources 

Worldwide ERC®, the workforce mobility association, has introduced two new intercultural tools to its array of member benefits:  GlobeSmart® and the DFA CultureCompass©. Both tools are available to all current Worldwide ERC® members via at

“Just as employers continually seek new and cost-effective ways to assess global talent and maximize assignment ROI, we are constantly looking for opportunities to deliver cutting-edge information and resources to our members to support them. With the addition of GlobeSmart® in February, and the DFA CultureCompass© Cultural Navigation Tool in late March to our member benefits, Worldwide ERC® has expanded the dimension of relevant intercultural resources to support our members’ work in the global market,” said Worldwide ERC® President & CEO, Peggy Smith, SCRP, SGMS. 

GlobeSmart® was developed by Aperian Global, and is derived from extensive research and interviews with subject matter experts. It contains information on business skills, culture/customs, travel and general information on conducting business effectively with people from over 65 countries. One of the most interesting and innovative features of this new program is the GlobeSmart® Assessment Profile (GAP). GAP provides specific and tailored advice, based on preferred work styles, to leverage differences with other cultures and colleagues. Worldwide ERC® members can also explore the countries and cultures included in GlobeSmart® through Learning Paths, additional components of the tool that provide information in brief, easy-to-use modules.

The DFA CultureCompass© offers the user the experience of managing cultural differences around the world.  It instructs the use to first develop their own personal workstyle from the CultureCompass© cultural survey.  Then compare that personal workstyle with the workstyles of over 150 world cultures, and receive “best practices” based on the personal profile for bridging any significant differences with any of the countries with which one is working.  The individualized set of “best practices” is customized to the personal profile and the work issues that are of greatest concern for the user, whether managing projects more effectively, building positive virtual work relationships, running successful meetings, etc.  Then take a “deep dive” into the culture’s unique set of “do’s and don’ts”, and learn about the background of the selected country to understand the behavior of business associates located there.


About Aperian Global - Aperian Global assists clients in developing the capabilities of individuals, teams, and organizations to work effectively across cultures. The company offers consulting, training, and Web tool services to corporate, non-profit, and government organizations in the areas of Global Business Transformation, Global Talent Development, and Global Assignment Services. Aperian Global has offices in China, Denmark, France, India, Japan, Singapore, UAE, and the U.S., and staff and associates on the ground in over eighty locations worldwide.
About DFA Associates – is a global consultancy specializing in cross-cultural information, training and research. Led by Dean Foster, the DFA team and worldwide network provides intercultural global solutions for Fortune 500 companies and individuals. DFA’s cultural information is also available to international leisure travelers as well as individual business travelers through books, webinars, and culture guides. DFA is able to provide on-site services in over 200 cities worldwide.

About Worldwide ERC® – Worldwide ERC® is the recognized industry authority on relocation and international assignments in major global traffic areas. Worldwide ERC® is headquartered in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Contact Worldwide ERC® at +1 703 842 3400, or visit