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For Immediate Release - June 12, 2014 

Worldwide ERC News Release
Kristin White
Allison Peña

Worldwide ERC® Congratulates 211 New Certified Relocation Professionals (CRPs)® 

Worldwide ERC®, the workforce mobility association, is pleased to announce that 211 of its members recently earned the Certified Relocation Professional (CRP®) designation after successfully passing the CRP® exam on May 7, 2014. Held in 15 locations around the country, the exam tested 265 candidates on their knowledge of the many disciplines that U.S. domestic employee mobility entails, including corporate policies and programs, real estate, as well as transferee counseling and other services. 

The exam process was administered by independent testing consultant and proctor, Castle Worldwide, and the content was developed with the guidance and expertise of the 11 members of the 2013-2014 Worldwide ERC® CRP® Certification Review Board. “Preparing for, taking and successfully completing the CRP® exam is a rigorous endeavor. It demonstrates not only a solid command of very complex subject matter, but dedication to one’s professional development and the employee mobility industry overall,” noted CRP® Certification Review Board Chairman Steven M. John, CRP, GMS, RELO Direct®, Inc. “After an intensive study and subsequent survey of our CRP® designees, the test blueprint was completely revamped and now has a very different look and feel from what we had become accustomed to in earlier versions. We congratulate the 211 members who successfully met this new challenge, and demonstrated their expertise and commitment through having earned their CRP® designation.”

In addition to a session held in conjunction with the Worldwide ERC® 2014 National Relocation Conference in Orlando, FL, the exam was conducted at 13 other site locations, hosted by Worldwide ERC®-recognized Regional Relocation Groups. Sites included: Charlotte, NC (Charlotte Metro Area Relocation Council); Chicago, IL (Corporate Relocation Council of Chicago); Cincinnati, OH (Greater Cincinnati Relocation Council); Cleveland, OH (Northeast Ohio Relocation Roundtable); Dallas, TX (North Texas Relocation Professionals & Texas Relocation Network); Denver, CO (Rocky Mountain Relocation Council); Detroit, MI (Detroit Regional Relocation Council); Houston, TX (Houston Relocation Professionals); Minneapolis, MN (Minnesota Employee Relocation Council); Parsippany, NJ (New Jersey Relocation Council); Santa Clara, CA (Bay Area Mobility Management); Scottsdale, AZ (Arizona Relocation Alliance); and Washington, DC (Greater Washington Employee Relocation Council). NEI Global Relocation also sponsored a closed site in Omaha, NE.

The CRP® program was introduced in 1990 to formally recognize relocation professionals' knowledge of the U.S. domestic workforce mobility process. There are currently over 3,700 Worldwide ERC® members who hold the CRP® designation. CRP®s retain their designations by maintaining membership in the association and earning 30 recertification credit hours within each three-year period following their initial certification, ensuring they remain current on evolving industry trends.

A complete list of the 2014 CRP® recipients is available at and will be printed in the October issue of the association’s monthly magazine, Mobility. Additional information on the CRP® program is available on the Worldwide ERC® web site at