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For Immediate Release - October 15, 2015 

Worldwide ERC News Release
Jody Walstrom
Senior Manager, Marketing and PR
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Worldwide ERC® Releases Survey Findings on Intra-European Mobility: UK and Germany are Top Origin and Destination Locations 

Arlington, VA, USA—Worldwide ERC®, the workforce mobility association, has released the findings of its 2015 Intra-European Mobility Survey. We have worked with survey sponsor SIRVA to provide an in-depth analysis of the motivation behind talent mobility in this region, the challenges associated with the different types of mobility, and the strategies firms are using to support the success of key talent. It also reviews models of service delivery, mobility volumes, and associated costs of mobility.

Key findings related to intra-European cross-border mobility include:

  • The top origin and destination locations for employees on assignment within Europe are the United Kingdom and Germany. 
  • The average per-assignee cost of a traditional long-term assignment is $378,167.
  • The average per-assignee cost of a permanent move is $65,162.
  • The average per-assignee cost of a short-term assignment is $57,618.
  • Commuter arrangements cost, on average, $28,238; while extended business travel an average of $20,847.
  • High housing costs and taxation compliance top the list of challenges for most kinds of employee mobility.
  • Tracking of employees is a key challenge for commuter assignments and extended business travel.
  • Fewer than 10 percent of responding organizations have a formal definition of assignment success.

“The close proximity of European countries makes it a region in which short-term assignments, commuter assignments, and extended business travel are common talent mobility tools. The European Union has sought to make mobility among the member countries easier, but it is not without its challenges,” says Peggy Smith, SCRP, SGMS-T, president and CEO of Worldwide ERC®. “As companies continue to increase mobility in this region, the results of this study will provide a solid benchmark for assessing program performance.”

"On both a global and local scale, Europe is a critical workforce market and employers are increasingly looking for greater access to reliable mobility data and insights to help shape their workforce decisions," says Maggie Ryan, President of Europe for SIRVA. “The kind of valuable data that is provided by this study allows employers to make well-informed workforce decisions that help ensure a consistently high quality experience for employers and employees alike.”

Conducted in June-July 2015, this survey includes data from eighty-five mobility professionals responsible for managing or administering their organizations’ mobility programs worldwide. Complete survey results are available on a complimentary basis to corporate human resource and government agency members of Worldwide ERC®. Additionally, this survey can be purchased by relocation service provider members for $95, and by non-members for $250. Please visit for more information and to review a complete list of research reports available through Worldwide ERC®.

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