Our Brand Story 

The global workforce is on the move. At Worldwide ERC®, we are leading the conversation, challenging the present and shaping the future of a dynamic, innovative and growing talent mobility community. As businesses continually move and connect talent across borders, we are committed to being the most authentic and trusted force at the center of that connectivity. Bringing mobility professionals together is in our DNA. But we also know that our continued relevance goes beyond facilitating connections—we are driven to delivering new content and opportunities for personal and professional growth, how and where the community needs them.

The Worldwide ERC® Experience
People count on talent mobility professionals to make things happen. A LOT of things. This is an industry that demands a blend of skills and expertise like no other. From the analytical and strategic to the compassionate and creative, if you’re a talent mobility professional, you’re a problem solver. You’re inquisitive. You’ve got a lot of backs, and WE have YOURS. To experience Worldwide ERC® is to know you’re not in this alone. You have the content, the community, the marketplace and the connections to propel you—and the people who count on you—to success. Curious. Confident. Connected. That’s the Worldwide ERC® experience.

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Brand Identity
Our logo tells a story. It communicates our personality. A clear understanding of two fundamental things shaped our new logo: who we are and where we’re going. We’ve earned a reputation as an approachable, inclusive and straightforward community, with objective and trustworthy information you can count on. We’re proud of that, but we’re also much more. We’re forging a new path—pioneering innovative ways to welcome more people into our growing global community, developing new content to share, and embracing the dynamic platforms and ways in which people connect, in-person and online.

Our new symbol incorporates all of these ideas, bringing together three core design aspects to define our visual identity:

Bold Colors 
The palette embraces our global reach—from Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas.  

A Global Shape
The clean, multi-pillar design in the center represents both our community of people and our digital mindset.  

A Connected Community
The interwoven red “swoosh” is a reinforcement of our all-important interconnectedness and a representation of our movement forward.

Brand Purpose
Worldwide ERC® connects mobility professionals across the globe. We are reimagining ourselves to strengthen our position as the voice, the marketplace and the source for talent management and global mobility knowledge, worldwide.