Worldwide ERC®’s U.S. Tax and Legal Update 

Event: National Relocation Conference 
Event Year: 2012 
Hank Roth
Senior Counsel – Relocation
SIRVA Relocation
Independence, Ohio

Peter K. Scott
Tax Counsel
Worldwide ERC®
Sunset Beach, North Carolina
Tristan North
Government Relations Adviser
Worldwide ERC®
McLean, Virginia

Bruce M. Perlman, SCRP
Senior Vice President/General Counsel
Danbury, Connecticut

Identifying issues that can cause tax liability or create legal problems is key to keeping your company and your transferees risk-free. In this engaging session you’ll discover the critical tax and legal issues facing the U.S. mobility industry. Participants in this session will:

  • Discover the legal and tax effects of the latest federal and state laws, regulations, and rulings impacting corporate mobility
  • Identify the critical areas to monitor for compliance issues
  • Learn about pending state or federal legislation of importance to mobility policies.

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