Advancements in technology in general, and HR software in particular, mean that the workforce mobility function can now accomplish a great deal more – not just in fundamental service delivery but in value-adding, predictive analysis. If you are looking to move your organization from a domestic, administrative HR function into a global, strategic partner in talent management – the following resources are for you!

Developing the Next Global Leaders in Asia: The Role of Talent Mobility 
Iinsights from Sean Collins, founder of Talent Mobility Asia, published in Mobility magazine June 2015.

How to Be Seen and Heard by Leadership and Business Partners
Global Workforce Summit: Talent Mobility in EMEA, February 2015

Optimizing Global HR: How to get things right at home and abroad 
Expertise from Elizebeth Varghese and Ryan Tweedie, published in Mobility magazine July 2015.

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Strategic Talent Mobility Training Course
Globalization has resulted in employers competing for talent that possesses the skills to fulfill organizational strategic objectives. This competition has given rise to a sharp focus on Talent Management programs designed to ensure that employers are able to recruit, develop, and retain the talent needed for success. Increasingly, our industry is recognizing that mobility is a critical strategic component of a well-managed talent management program.

By completing Worldwide ERC®’s Strategic Talent Mobility course, students will:

  • Understand talent mobility in the wider context of talent management.
  • Learn to identify and respond to the key drivers of talent mobility.
  • Comprehend when and how your organization’s business and talent strategies can be accomplished through talent mobility.
  • Assess an organization’s talent needs, including parameters for success metrics.
  • Formulate a talent mobility strategy that is built on the talent needs assessment.
  • Build a compelling business case demonstrating how talent mobility can support an organization’s business strategy.
  • If you have already earned the Global Mobility Specialist (GMS®) accreditation, once you complete the Strategic Talent Mobility course, you will be able to use the prestigious GMS-T accreditation.

The course features real-life case studies to illustrate how leading companies have achieved success by integrating Talent Mobility practices into their Talent Management planning.

Peer2Peer Talks: Getting a Seat at the Table
Global Workforce Symposium, October 2014
This session recap features Corporate HR Director Mark McDonald sharing his perspective on how FMC Technologies sees both global and U.S. mobility from an HR perspective. Learn what role mobility plays in their strategic human resource initiatives and in the talent management initiatives for this company. Explore what steps can be taken for mobility professionals to get a seat at the HR/Talent Management table at your organization.