Submitting the BMA Electronically 

To submit the form electronically you have a couple of options:

1. Worldwide ERC® has its Forms Portal, which allows real estate companies to purchase a company license.  Because the form is copyright-protected, this license grants permission to the firm to send a copy of the form to their agents to complete electronically.  The software is built right into the form so the agents do not need to install any other software application on their computers.  Explore the Worldwide ERC® Forms Portal option. Members receive very significant discounts. For more information on the Portal or membership call us at +1 703 842 3410 or e-mail

2. Another option is to purchase software from a software company that is licensed by Worldwide ERC®.  For Worldwide ERC® licensed software vendors- click here  (If you are working with a company not on the list, you could be using the wrong form.  Please call or e-mail us immediately at +1 703 842 3410 or