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2018 Annual Report
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Dear Friends:

In its FY18 strategic planning, your Board of Directors made an active choice to meet disruption in the mobility industry and the global marketplace with an investment in innovation and digital reengineering. The result: a bold, fresh look and feel for Worldwide ERC® and easier access to trusted resources. We are designing the organization for the way you need and want to work, while positioning it—and you—for an exceptional future.  

We’re also highlighting the organization’s steadfast commitment to transparency, with financial information drawn from statements audited by accounting firm Tate & Tryon for our fiscal year ended March 31, 2018.

We love working with professionals who welcome change, because we share the knowledge that in this environment, disruption is a certainty, innovation is a choice, and transformation is the aspire-to outcome. Join us for a quick look at some of our favorite highlights…and thank you for the privilege of guiding our association into its next mobility adventure.
Peggy Smith, SCRP, SGMS-T
President and CEO
Worldwide ERC®
Kirk Fabel, PhD, GMS-T
Senior Vice President,
Finance and Operations
Worldwide ERC®


Investing in an Exceptional Experience
Your FY18 membership dues were invested in the planning, launching and implementing of a digital strategy that’s relevant for these times, supports our stakeholders in their competitive positioning, and prepares our industry for the future.
The first phase of our digital transformation included launching a new Community and a redesigned, completely mobile-responsive website, developed for scalability and automatic updates. Other investments paved the way for more initiatives to be phased in during FY19, including back-office integration, easier access and more exciting user interaction for enhanced digital learning opportunities. Why is this important? As we pivot to manage a complex global business environment; we are reinventing Worldwide ERC® around our changing customer. We’re establishing a faster, better, more focused and personalized customer experience; one that supports your work and training imperatives.

Revenue By Source

  • $6 M
  • $5 M
  • $4 M
  • $3 M
  • $2 M
  • $1 M
Mobility and online advertising
Professional Development

FY18 Revenue Breakdown

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Professional Development

Mobility and Online Advertising



Revenue, Expenses & Net Income

FY 16
FY 17
FY 18
3 M
6 M
9 M
12 M
15 M
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We have so many options now to do what we do not only better, but differently, no matter what role we have in our companies or in the industry. That’s why the goals of our three-year strategic plan resonate so deeply: to engage, to inspire, and to educate. This isn’t a radical change for Worldwide ERC®; in fact, these characteristics have been woven throughout the organization from the start. Instead, we are building upon these initiatives; elevating them to a higher level, incorporating them more fully in our meeting programs, our training, our Community…everywhere and every way you experience Worldwide ERC®. We are co-creating the future together.

– Mark Lozano, 2018 Chairman, Worldwide ERC® Board of Directors


A New Website; A New Worldwide ERC®
Our new website wasn’t just a cosmetic change: it was transformative!
Changes to our site’s navigation and structure were incorporated so that we could deliver information in a way that makes it most useful to you. You helped us define the key topics that align with the future of mobility: Trends to Watch, Innovation Spotlight, Employee Journey, Government Affairs, and Business Solutions. We added Organization News to keep you informed about Worldwide ERC®, define industry-specific and industry-related insight under Articles, feature our meetings and webinars in Events, house all of our training under the Academy, and connect you to the Community, Directory and Jobs. Our SEO functionality was boosted, and we took steps to ensure that we are platform-responsive on all devices.
It’s all part of the way we want you to experience Worldwide ERC®: as your trusted guide to easy-access mobility resources, and your gateway to the future of mobility.


Co-creating Our Community

A key focal point in reimagining Worldwide ERC® for a new mobility future is the integration of more opportunities for interaction and easier engagement options. Our online Community brings more interaction and new participation opportunities for mobility professionals to contribute concepts and suggestions. Since it’s open to the public, all mobility enthusiasts are welcome to join, giving contributors an introduction to thousands of Community members from dozens of countries. There are more than twenty cooperative groups that are gathering places and “collaboration labs” where you can put your knowledge to work with other professionals in a well-moderated environment, without the distractions of superfluous information and unrelated social media.
Members in Action
We’re good at practicing “collective innovation!” That’s what happens when our members commit to lifelong learning and bring what they know back to the association. It’s deepening our understanding of the mobility experience and helping us reimagine best practices and future solutions. From the new Global Mobility Specialist (GMS®) and CRP® graduates we applaud each year, to service and editorial award winners, to the members we feature in our Community Spotlight, to the participants on task forces and committees—in addition to those who attend our industry events—these kinds of partnerships extend your industry reach, fulfill the strategic planning that supports your work and business, and build on the research, education, and professional engagement initiatives that keep you informed and connected.


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Understanding the intersection of technology and service is critical to deliver on the demands of today's mobility clients and transferees: It’s essential we master this change by understanding where value is added from both our automation and personal service.

– Erik Eccles, Co-founder and CEO, Urbandoor and
  Member, Worldwide ERC® Board of Directors

FY18 Highlights at a Glance

Our purpose—to empower mobile people through unbiased information, meaningful connection, inspired ideas and solutions—came alive as we engaged, inspired and educated talent mobility professionals around the globe. Check out our FY18 highlights!
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Infographic Information

educated via 33 webinars

collectively gained insights from 72 sessions at our Americas Mobility Conference (Atlanta) and Global Workforce Symposium (Chicago)

the FY18 class of Certified Relocation Professional (CRP®) designees—representing a 79% pass rate. Over 86% used the internet-based testing (IBT) format in more than 90 cities, and we saw a 16% increase in candidates from last year

FY18 saw the first annual Relocation Appraisal Report Writing contest

amount awarded in scholarship support to 10 students impacted by mobility, through the Foundation for Workforce Mobility and participating regional relocation groups

Since its inception, the Foundation has contributed more than $470,000 in cumulative charitable donations, including nearly $60,000 in disaster relief for victims of Hurricanes Irma & Harvey, and $15,000 to Family Promise

attended 6 global mobility summits in London, Shanghai, Singapore, Mexico City, Hong Kong and São Paulo

47% were first-time attendees at a Worldwide ERC® event

half-day programs were co-hosted on immigration and tax issues in locations throughout the Americas, APAC and Europe

FY18’s newest Global Mobility Specialists (GMS®s) brought the total number to 5,892 professionals in 66 countries who have earned the GMS®  

82 more added the Global Mobility Specialist - Talent (GMS-T)® credential

members recognized with a Distinguished or Meritorious Service Award

We also congratulated 3 members for their editorial excellence and contributions to the industry with the Mobility magazine Editorial Achievement Award