Dear Friends:

When your Board of Directors first set out to execute our three-year strategic plan, we pledged to engage, educate and inspire our community through an ambitious strategy and sound investments in our future. The outcome has been most rewarding, and we encourage you to spend a few minutes with this annual report to enjoy the compelling mobility industry narrative you are helping to tell.

This report confirms our commitment to our shared story. It also demonstrates our transparency in the delivery of financial information for fiscal year ended March 31, 2019, from statements audited by accounting and advisory firm Tate & Tryon. In 2019, as we fulfill the final year of our strategic plan, we recognize that the talent mobility industry is undergoing incredible disruption and transformation, and it is essential for us to continue investing in and embracing our own transformation and new ways to deliver value, too. We constructed ambitious new programs, enhanced our events with new schedules, networking possibilities and education, and celebrated your unique skills, contributions and commitment to learning.

Worldwide ERC®, and everything it does, is about you. Thank you for allowing your Worldwide ERC® leadership to work on your behalf to reposition our enterprise.
Peggy Smith, SCRP, SGMS-T
President and CEO
Worldwide ERC®
Denys Resnick
Chief Operations Officer
Worldwide ERC®

FY19 Highlights at a Glance

27,500 Program participants

77% increase

4,500+ in-person Meeting registrations

55% increase

Summit delegates

1,300 Summit delegates

37 Webinars

14 Master Series events

40% increase

344 new Global Mobility Specialist(GMS®s)

6% increase

Member recognition

33 award recipients


$12K - amount awarded in scholarship support to 12 students impacted by mobility through the Foundation for Workforce Mobility and participating regional relocation groups

It's About Inspiring You.

When an amazing speaker steps out on stage and wows you with a thrilling message that opens your mind to groundbreaking concepts and perspectives, you take that excitement to heart. You also take fresh knowledge and an extraordinary feeling back to your company and to your work. You share it with your peers. You want to incorporate that kind of thinking into everything you do.
That’s inspiration. The kind of inspiration that comes from seeing things in a new way, and adopting the best innovative and creative ideas from one industry to meet your own personal and professional goals.
We take pride in helping you foster that kind of inspiration and innovation within your teams. You want to know how your contributions shape the future of work and mobility and impact the people you’re deploying – and how that same future is going to change your career and the world’s workforce. You need to understand how to shift your perspective, reshape your experience and knowledge, and add new skills for an innovative and agile business place.
We’re writing the final chapter of our three-year plan, and it’s a great story! Because lifelong learning will be the defining difference in every mobility professional’s career, we’ve made it the centerpiece of your new Worldwide ERC®.
Because it’s about you.

It's About Investing in You.

The work we do together to support the world’s workforce – and position them for success - is happening between mobility professionals in more than 60 countries. The rate of change in business environments, significant workforce shifts, and the sheer geography and scope of our collective work means continual learning is an imperative.
To help grow your skills, connect with peers and collaborate readily for the new demands that are coming, your Board of Directors and our internal team designed our strategic plan to optimize Worldwide ERC® as the space for your future of work.
In years one and two of the plan, we focused our investments on technology. We aligned our SEO strategy with best practices, optimizing website structure and tagging to heighten your search options. We also put the talent and platform in place to organize, share, search, and manage content in a way that would make it easiest and most accessible for you.
This year, we made a substantial investment that’s all about education, content and product. We’ve created a comprehensive content arc that incorporates learning, research, live events, podcasts, webinars, our magazine and blogs under one canopy. We’re leveraging our content across all channels in a variety of mediums – and taking our place as a true content engagement enterprise.
You’ve made an investment in Worldwide ERC®, and we’re making an investment in you. In your future. In your knowledge and skills. In your community.
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There’s something wonderful that happens when we work with other professionals who are as focused on best practices, innovation and industry enrichment as we are: a shared feeling, a desire to learn, and a certainty that everyone is working toward a brighter future together. Our collaboration and curiosity help us better understand and respond to our corporate clients’ workforce and mobility needs. Indeed, all our experiences and efforts to support evolving customer needs and develop solutions are now aligning and have prepared us for the environment we’re facing. The journey we all have been taking in our respective business sectors has made success in this current setting possible.

Sue Carey, 2019 Chairman, SCRP, SGMS-T, Worldwide ERC® Board of Directors

It's About Astonishing You.

Learning and innovation infuse the organization this year. Step into one of our in-person events and you’ll see the powerful enthusiasm. Experience the curiosity that drives our webinars and virtual training. Jump into some conversations in the Community – or start one yourself. And catch the energy when we’re working together at industry meetings on mobility trends, stitching HR and global business news together to give a compelling account of a transforming workforce…and a new breed of mobility expert.

You told us what you need —more time and opportunities to connect, and extraordinary learning opportunities—and we delivered it. We’re packing more high-voltage experts and learning options into our training, events and meetings. We’re building a more digital and accessible organization that fits today’s “work-anywhere” business model. A quick reflection on some of the changes we made in the past year include:

  • Following the data to revise our website user experience. That helps us bring your content to the forefront, offer more opportunities for you to expand your brand, and amplify your message.
  • Using your feedback and more data to understand how you wanted us to redesign our events, particularly our spring and fall annual conferences, by adding quick learning options like tech kiosks, pop-up discussions, and a corporate hackathon to the dozens of educational breakout sessions offered.
  • Incorporating a 360-degree stage, bringing the audience closer to the speakers. Adding new sponsored content and digital minutes options to our website. We’ve created a place for companies to showcase their thought leadership and excellence in product service and delivery—and expand their company brand through our digital assets.
  • Holding our first—and highly successful—India Summit in Bengaluru, which helps grow our overall global footprint and widens our reach in Asia. Bengaluru joined the lineup of other Summits held in Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Shanghai, Singapore and São Paulo.
You’re seeing the results of our strategic plan and our innovative spirit this year in other ways, too. Like the activity in our Community, which resulted in thousands of logins from more than 45 countries, 60 percent of which were corporate HR participants. And it’s there in the way we’re growing our partnerships in the U.S. with regional groups and other partners around the globe, helping us expand into new regions.

It's About Recognizing You!

We’ve saved the best information to wrap up our annual report: the part that’s completely about you! Knowing where and how you connect online means that two of our newest features to honor your involvement with us – Community Spotlight and #MemberMonday – can be easily commented on, liked and shared.
It’s clear our industry knows how critical learning, career development and credentials are in this environment: in the last year, we’ve welcomed exceptional numbers of designees: 344 new GMS®s (representing 71 countries), 41 professionals who became GMS-T®s by earning the Global Mobility Specialist Talent credential, and 119 new CRP®s (that’s a 70% pass rate)!
In FY19, we recognized 33 members with awards for Distinguished or Meritorious Service or editorial excellence for their contributions to the industry, and inducted two new members into our Hall of Leaders, which now numbers 58.
The talent mobility industry will continue to embrace disruption and transformation, and new workforce models and talent solutions will take hold. Your Board of Directors and internal team members are committed to transforming your professional trade association, too. As this report demonstrates, our strong financial position has enabled us to invest directly back into the organization, seizing multiple opportunities to transform our learning, events, connections and content. Our future is bright, our position is strong, and we look forward to continuing to inspire, invest in, astonish and recognize YOU, our valuable members.