About Worldwide ERC 

A strong and effective workforce mobility program is an essential element of your global talent management strategy. Workforce mobility experts have specialized knowledge and skills that are heightened through education, benchmarking best practices, connecting with thought leaders, and through the extraordinary community of professionals found in Worldwide ERC®.

Worldwide ERC® was established in 1964 and is the recognized authority on global workforce mobility. Headquartered in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, Worldwide ERC®’s current membership includes more than 12,000 professionals who are involved in managing or servicing a mobile workforce.  When global workforce mobility professionals, business communities, and the media want to learn about current issues, trends, and best practices for the movement of employees all over the world, they turn to Worldwide ERC® for its proven record of expertise.

For more than 40 years, Worldwide ERC® has conducted unbiased research, conferences and online training, and brought together the brightest, most innovative professionals to exchange information and gain valuable knowledge in the workforce mobility field. Worldwide ERC® members can also access programs and services tailored to meet their needs and enhance their professional knowledge and skills base.

Worldwide ERC® members have the resources to:

  • anticipate and benefit from emerging trends;
  • learn about industry best practices;
  • make astute business decisions;
  • reduce costs for their companies and their customers; and
  • position themselves strategically in the marketplace.

See a few of the companies represented in Worldiwide ERC.  For our service provider members, click here. Find information about membership and educational opportunities at www.WorldwideERC.org.