Repayment Agreements

Repayment Agreements

July 20th, 2023 – 1:00 PM EDT (US) 

  • As Mobility continues to transition to less traditional and flexible assignments the question about how to manage repayments has been top of mind for many mobility practitioners. Join us to discuss how to approach repayment agreements.
    • Global

      • What expenses should be included in the repayment balance?

      • What impact does the assignment type and length have on the repayment agreement?

    • Domestic

      • How have relocation extensions and employees changing their minds about relocating impacted the repayment process?


If you need any additional information, please contact Deisy Garcia, Worldwide ERC® Corporate Mobility Liaison, (, or Schedule a meeting with me. 


This session is eligible for continuing education credit for CRP and GMS certifications.